WWE SDLIVE : WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results

WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results
WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results
WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results
WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results

WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Monday Night is over and now its WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results.

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Kevin Owens Sami Zyan And AJ Styles Nakamura Segment

Show begins in Philadelphia with Royal Rumble Men 2018 winner Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE Universe Chants Nakamura and welcome the winner from heart in WWE Smackdown Live. He call himself the new face of WWE Champion who will face AJ Style at Wrestle mania. To interfere him Kevin with Sami Zayn comes in and show some unfair thing happen at Royal Rumble.

They call themselves a victim of Shane McMahon cheating and therefore they consider them first contender to challenge WWE Champion. In return Shinsuke say AJ Style is a winner and you both are looser. With this WWE crowd begin YEP moment. Meanwhile phenomenal WWE Champion AJ Style show up.

AJ Style completely show support to Shinsuke Nakamura and with teaming with Nakamura challenge Kevin and Sami for a match tonight. By hearing this they start leaving the ring but when WWE boo them they change their mind and decline the challenge. For this they get attack by both Nakamura and AJ Styles.

After this WWE Smackdown show no 1 contender match of Fatal 4 way for United States championship. WWE Smackdown continue Royal Rumble highlight pictures.

Daniel Bryan Shock The Best Friends

The New days enter the ring other hand Daniel Bryan meet Kevin and Sami Zayn. He tells them AJ Styles do not have rights to fix matches. Therefore as a General Manager I am fixing a match with you two against Nakamura and AJ Styles. They argue Daniel for referee mistake.

They demand for another opportunity and for this in next week Daniel fix a match between Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn. This completely shock both Kevin and Sami and the winner will face AJ Styles for WWE Championship.

Rusey is No 1 contender for US title.

After this Fatal 4 Way match begins. Jinder Mahal Vs Kofi Kingston Vs Rusey Vs Zack Ryder. In support to them their partners Aiden English New Days Members and Singh Brothers interfere during match. Due to this referee have to get them out of the stadium at the end Rusey make Kofi Kingston Tap out and win the match. By this Rusey becoms no 1 contender for United States Championship.

Women Champion Charlotte Flair

Smackdown women champion comes on WWE Smackdown live after Royal Rumble 2018. WWE show highltghts of WWE Women Royal Rumble 2018. When ask Charlotte feeling she reply I wish to be in that Royal Rumble to see can I hold myself and be the top 3. Meanwhile Ruby Riott interfere and challenge Charlotte for a match. All three of Riott try to get Charlotte but for the first time they fail. For the second time they try and this time they got her.

When Charlotte was all down Miss Money In The Bank come and put her cash in her contract. As soon as she attack Charlotte it get dodge by Charlotte and it goes on referee. As Charlotte get back on her feet Carmella get back her Money In The Bank contract saying not today.

Backstage WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results

In the Backstage AJ Styles talk to Nakamura about the match and Nakamura keep messing with AJ Styles saying I want to beat you at wrestle mania.

In the backstage with Mixed Match promo of Becky Lynch pop up. Her partner Sami Zayn bring cake for her birthday and wish her a very Happy Birthday. On the other hand, Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss send a video massage to WWE Universe.

After that Carmella shown in backstage explaining what happen just a moment ago. WWE show how Carmella mistakenly attack the referee who was putting her Money in the bank contract on her demand.

When all promos get over Corbin enter in ring for the match against Perfect 10. The match continues

After this WWE Smackdown Live show next week match between Bobby Roode vs Rusey. In backstage Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens shown talking each other. Where Kevin seems angry and Sami Zayn try to convince him like a good friend. Sami Zayn says at least one of us will fight against AJ Styles. In reply Kevin keep saying Yep. He also says maybe you will win or maybe you Eliminate within a minute. This reply gets Sami Zayn a little disturb which shown clear on his face. It looks like now Kevin and Sami are not on same page.

Before going commercial WWE show promo of the match between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Vs Kevin and Sami Zayn.

After this a match between Gable and Benjamin Vs Fandango and Enzo takes place. First, they get Fandango off ring then with a perfect power bomb successfully pin and win the show. This time Gable and Benjamin prepare with their strategy from the beginning. After the this the next match is the Main Event of WWE Smackdown Live.

Main Event AJ Styles And Nakamura Def Kevin

All superstars of main event already in ring. Before the match start a side promo of Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn shown. The Winner will face AJ Style for WWE Championship. The match starts and WWE Universe meanwhile chants for AJ Styles.

Meanwhile a big thing happens when Kevin Owens and Nakamura were in ring. Sami try to attack Nakamura but when Nakamura sees that he gets Sami out of ring. Kevin keeps fighting with Sami and at a time later he starts shouting on Sami in ring. Soon Shinsuke get Kevin also out of ring and the word fight between Kevin and Sami goes on next level.

In end Sami shown to be leaving the show. After this Kevin goes alone in ring when Sami see that he come back in ring. But the fight between them keep growing for tagging each other. For the second time Sami leaves the ring and this time it was for sure as he goes backstage.

When AJ Tag Shinsuke Kevin get in trouble. Kevin try to run away from ring but AJ stop him and get back him in ring. With this Shinsuke perform his signature move and pin Kevin.

Is the Friendship Over

On backstage Sami see everything. WWE reporter ask is the friendship is over between Sami and Kevin. In reply Sami say its not that. Kevin been Universal Champion WWE champion and now he should be giving me that opportunity. But the things are not going as well as it should be.

With this WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results are over. Hope You Enjoy the show. Please Share with Your Friends and Followers. Thank You for reading WWE Smackdown 30 Jan 2018 Results at JioTorrent.


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