WWE Mixed Match Challenge 30 Jan 2018 Results

Mixed Match Challenge 30 Jan 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Smackdown is over and its now Mixed Match Challenge 30 Jan 2018 Results.

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First Becky Lynch the birthday girl is in ring. Following Becky her partner Sami Zayn is in ring too. Before match WWE show a video of Becky and Sami warming with with Unicef @wwemixedmatchchallange.

After this the roaring monster is in ring. Following the monster RAW Women champion Alexa Bliss is in ring.  The same way WWE show how Braun teach Alexa to muscle up by picking up the car. Alexa leave it as it was too difficult for her.

After this mixed match challenge continues. WWE show poll results when they ask WWE universe who start this match first. 31% say Sami Zayn and 69% say Becky Lynch.

Alexa And Braun Def Becky Lynch And Sami Zayn

By this match begins with Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss. Becky Lynch stay strong on Alexa all the time of the match. During the fight a spin of almost 15 time make both ladies a little unconscious which make Alexa difficult to recognize. Due to this she was about to tag Sami too. The match keep going on. During this Braun ask Alexa to tag him in but she decline in return Braun say I trust you.

After sometime later Alexa get the monster in due to this Sami had to get in too. Sami and Becky make a strategy to piss the monster and make him run behind you. By this strategy Sami try to get moster out of the ring but at first he fail. Second time monster come out of ring run behind Sami. As both get back in ring Sami try to knockout monster with a kick but he fail. In return now he is in monster hand.

But he survive it and tag back his partner Becky in. In backstage Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode shown watching the show live. As the match continue Becky tag back Sami Zayn which goes wrong for team. Sami get KO by monster on the other side Becky also get attack by Alexa. After this Braun tag Alexa and take her on shoulder to KO Becky. With this Becky get pin by Alexa Bliss and Team Braun and Alexa win the match.

The Cute Interview

After match Alexa says we win this match because of my strategy. And Braun completely agree with this. For this Alexa call Braun a little cute. As she said this everyone chants Get these hands for Braun.

Alexa continue saying we are all the way to victory with breaking at All The Way. By this WWE Chants for AL The Way. At the end Braun roar monster way and the show wrapped up.

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