WWE RAW : WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results
WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results
WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. After Royal Rumble WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results are as follow. Hope You enjoy the show.

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The show begins with WWE Royal Rumble promo of Asuka winning the first ever Women Royal Rumble match. After this Stephanie McMahon begins the Monday Night Raw.

She talks about Sasha Banks Nia Jax Alexa Bliss. She also says things related to other matches that happen in Royal Rumble 2018. The former UFC fighter Ronda Rousey was the last topic Stephanie say about. After that she calls out the first winner of women Royal Rumble Asuka.

Stephanie give instruction how the next things will be happening with her. Till then she got time to celebrate her victory. Meanwhile Stephanie also says that first ever women Elimination Chamber is this year. While they were talking Sasha Banks interfere and challenge Asuka.

Promos WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

After this WWE show promo related to Elimination Chamber 2018. For the Night they show a promo of Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz and Roman Reigns. A promo of last man standing and to qualify in Elimination Chamber Kane will fight against Braun Strowman. As well as John Cena is going against Finn Balor for Elimination Chamber 2018.

After all promo ends Braun Strowman enter the ring for tonight match against Kane and we go for commercial break.

Braun Strowman Def Kane

With #LastManStanding the match between Kane and Braun start which is a kind of no disqualification or a street fight match. Both Kane and Braun fight more on off stage than in ring in this match.

Braun put the entire commentary table on Kane which make referee to ring the bell and to stop the match. At the end Braun stands tall and roar like monster.

Everyone after match remove Kane out of the big table and medical team start treating Kane. When a reporter this is not human being why you do this. In reply to him Braun say that is my job and that’s what I do. At some place he was right because it is WWE who let the match be a no DQ match or a street match.

Backstage WWE RAW 29 Jan 2018 Results

After break commentaries talks about what a moment ago happen with Kane. With Kurt Angle and other referee medical team get Kane to hospital for treatment. After this Kurt Angle find Braun Strowman and shouts on him for what he did with Kane. He asks for a damn break to Braun. In return Braun shouts on Kurt and blame this all to his fault. He says he will continue this until he became the new WWE Universal Champion.

After this Elias comes in and talk to WWE Universe. WWE Universe for a moment start What chants to Elias. He sings a song for WWE Universe. Meanwhile Matt Hardy comes in ring with I will Delete you.

Elias Def Matt Hardy.

By this Matt is Elias next opponent for the night.

With this the first Elimination Chamber qualifying match begins with #WWEChamber. Matt Hardy stay strong against Elias from the beginning of the match. Meanwhile WWE staff were managing the announcer table that Braun put on Kane earlier tonight. After getting a lot of smash a moment comes where Elias become frustrated. In frustration he injures Matt Hardy arm two times by smashing it on RAW stadium corners.

Somehow Matt recover himself and get back in match. Again, Elias try to hurt Matt and get him down. During match a slight entrance of Bray Wyatt appear which make Matt distract from match. Taking this advantage Elias kick on Matt face perform his signature move and successfully pin Matt Hardy.

After match Bray Wyatt show himself on screen looking at Matt Hardy and keep laughing. On the other hand, in backstage Miz give a massage to WWE Universe that he is ready for Roman Reigns and he will again def him to defend his title. Again, WWE show Intercontinental match promo.

Miz Remain Intercontinental Champion

With awesome theme 8-time Intercontinental Champion the Miz enters the ring with his title.
Following him The Big Dog Roman Reigns enter ring.

As the match starts Roman warns Miz team members to stay away from my business. Miz try to attack Roman but when nothing make Roman down Miz gets shock. Roman stay strong on Miz.

Roman remove black steel chair for Miz to scare. His team member attack him frim behind due to this referee bring them out of match.

Back from break Miz becomes strong against Roman Reigns. Miz even survive Roman Reigns superman punch. After this Miz try to tap out Roman by locking his leg. But big dog survives it and flip the lock which ultimately bring Miz in trouble. The match keeps going on. After some time, his team members come back to distract Roman and this time they get it successfully. Roman give superman punch to one and a sphere to another. Meanwhile Miz take advantage and pin Roman and defend the title.

After this WWE show Paul Heyman tweet about Elimination Chamber related to Brock Lesnar. A promo of John Cena Vs Finn Balor and Sasha Banks Vs Asuka.

Revival Def Rhyno and Heath Slather

The Revival is in RAW ring. Following them Rhyno and Heath Slather is in ring too. Back from break the match between them continues.

The match continues and at the end Revival team work defeat Rhyno and Heath Slather.

After the match in backstage Asuka was preparing herself for tonight match against boss. Meanwhile WWE show Promo of Sheamus Cesaro Vs Apollo Titus for RAW Tag team match.

In Backstage we see Finn Balor talks about Royal Rumble match where he stays in ring for 57 Minutes 38 Seconds. After this before Sasha Banks make her entrance she talks about the match and Sasha clear every doubt with attitude.

Asuka Def The Boss

Back from break winner of Royal Rumble 2018 Asuka enters the ring. Asuka and Sasha both remain strong entire match. Both were difficult to pin. At the end Asuka lock Sasha hand to make her tap out and she get it done successfully. By this Asuka win the match.

The Bar Defend Their Titles

After match John Cena give reply to Finn Balor massage. In backstage we also see Dana Brooke with Apollo Crew and Titus O’Neil.

Great White Sheamus and Cesaro together with The Bar enter RAW ring with RAW Tag Team Championships. Following them with Dana Brooke Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crew is in ring to challenge Tag Team Champions The Bar.

The match begins with Sheamus vs Titus. It becomes a long match in which both team use their strategy to win the match. After a long chain Sheamus pin Apollo crew with the help of Cesaro and win the match. By this they defend their titles which they won a day ago.

Main Event John Cena Def Finn Balor

After this the main event of RAW appear which is John Cena Vs Finn Balor. Before match we go for a commercial break.

With Gallows and Anderson Finn Balor enter the ring. Following him John Cena enter the ring. This time the no of haters was less as compare to other stadiums.

The match between John Cena Vs Finn Balor for qualifying in Elimination Chamber begin with a ring. During match WWE universe support Cena by chanting Lets Go Cena Cena Sucks.

Meanwhile the match John Cena get out of ring. He looks all over the WWE Universe. Some supports him some boo him. With a warning to haters John Cena re-enter the ring. John Cena haters target his supporters which distract John from his match but somehow, he manages to focus.

Back from break after a time John Cena try to give his signature You Can’t See Me to Finn Balor. But surviving that Finn Balor copy the style You Can’t See Me on John Cena face which make Cena frustrated. The match keep goes on. John Cena try to make Finn Balor tap out. When Finn Balor survive that too John Cena give Attitude Adjustment to Finn Balor from third rope of the ring. That help Cena to pin Finn Balor. But seriously Finn Balor give a tough competition to John Cena which is awesome.

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