WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results

WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results
WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results

WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results

WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results
WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results

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WWE Royal Rumble 28 Jan 2018 Results : Rocket League and KFC Present Royal Rumble the PPV show is now live. Sami Zayn enter the ring. Following him his partner Kevin Owens enter the ring. And finally, The Phenomenal WWE Champion AJ Styles is in house. So, WWE decide to go for Handicap match for WWE Championship first.

Phenomenal Def Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

As the match begin WWE Universe chants for AJ Styles. Sami and Kevin play mind game from the beginning. At every minute they keep changing themselves in a try to confuse and frustrate AJ Styles and to break his momentum. The match keeps going on and at a time AJ locks Kevin right leg. He was all ready to tap out if Sami were not interfered and break the lock. Meanwhile the smart strategy uses by Kevin and Sami Zayn.

By confusing the referee both team mate attack phenomenal one by one. But that did not work. After throwing Sami Zayn out of ring Kevin kick on AJ face but by not giving up he stable himself and pin for the victory. Phenomenal defend his title in the First Pay Per View match of year 2018.

In backstage Kevin and Sami argue with Shane McMahon. But saying no word Shane McMahon move to his work.

Benjamin and Gable Vs The USO

Benjamin and Gable are in ring for a match against Smackdown Tag Team Champions. Following them WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions the USO come in ring with a short speech. After approximately 10:42 seconds Benjamin and Gable try for power bomb which fail to aim target. On 11:48 of match USO get back in match and try to stay stable. With a double kick from both USO Gable get conscious. Benjamin returns and help Gable to get back in match. After 15: 23 minutes USO pin Benjamin not only to defend the title but also win PPV match. Aproximately match runs for 16 minutes.

After match we see some of Royal Rumble promos. Before 30 men Royal Rumble start WWE show the rules of the match. Jerry the King Lawyer will be doing commentary for this match.

First Five Royal Rumble Men

Aiden English comes in the ring to announce Rusey the first Royal Rumble contender. WWE universe chants for Rusey Day. His opponent and second contender of Royal Rumble Men is NXT superstar Finn Balor. The bell is ring already to start the match. In every 90 seconds a new contender will enter the ring. The best part of Royal Rumble is no one interested what happen in ring as they wait for who is upcoming contender. And the third contender is Rhyno. As soon as he enter Rusey attack him but Rhyno stay fair with Finn and Rusey.

Baron Corbin is the fourth contender to enter Royal Rumble 2018. Corbin Eliminate Rhyno and Finn Eliminate Corbin. After eliminate he stay close to ring and bring down Finn which is against rule. Meanwhile fifth contender enter the ring who is Heath Slather. As he was coming he attack by Corbin so he never enter the ring.

Contender 6 to 10

Elias is the sixth contender enter in ring singing and holding a guitar. He was having enough time as there was nobody in ring as everyone get eliminate before his entry. Because there was nobody he starts singing. Andred Alams is the seventh contender to enter Royal Rumble 2018.

The match continues and everyone wait for next contender. Bray Wyatt is the eighth contender. Meanwhile Heath Slather try to enter ring but Bray Wyatt stops him. Finn Balor also enter ring and attack Bray Wyatt. Big E is ninth contender. Everyone is down except Bray Wyatt. In Backstage Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attack 10th Contender and Sami enter the Royal Rumble match.

Top 15

The eleventh contender is great white Sheamus who got eliminate in 00.01 seconds by Heath Slather. Bray Wyatt eliminate Heath Slather later. Xavier Woods is no 12 in Royal Rumble 2018.Now there are two members of The New Day in ring. Apollo Crew is the thirteen contenders. Following him Fourteenth contender Shinsuke Nakamura enter the ring. Everyone chants Nakamura song. Nakamura eliminate Sami Zayn. The second member of The Bar Cesaro enter ring as 15th Contender.

Royal Rumble continues to 20

The third member of The New Day and 16th Contender is Kofi Kingston. Apollo Crew is eliminated by Cesaro. The Seventeenth is Jinder Mahal The Maharaja enter the ring. Jinder Mahal eliminate Big E. Following Jinder Mahal the eighteenth contender is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins eliminate Cesaro. Jinder Mahal eliminate Kofi Kingston but he survives and Jinder Mahal got eliminate by Kofi Kingston. Soon Kofi also get out. No 19 is Matt Hardy who bring Bray Wyatt with him out of ring. And no 20 is All time favorite champion John Cena. As soon as John Cena enter ring everyone attack Cena. John eliminate Elias.

Top 25

The Hurricane is no 21 in ring. John Cena get surprise seeing him. As he attack John Cena he get eliminate by John and get back to backstage. No 22 is Aiden English. His helping hand Rusey is already eliminate out of ring. To shock the world NXT superstar Adam is in ring as 22nd contender of Royal Rumble. Meanwhile Balor eliminate Aiden English. Now hear the voices because 24th contender is The Viper Randy Orton. After with RKO and eliminating NXT Champion we see No 25 Titus O’Neil.

Top 30

No 26 is awesome as new intercontinental champion The Miz enter the ring. As soon as he enter the ring his target becomes John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura. The continues kick of Miz bring Yes chants from WWE universe. No 27 is a return to WWE of Ray Mystereo. No 28 Following Ray the big dog Roman Reigns enter the ring and target The Miz. The miz on RAW 25 def and snatch Roman title. Now the Miz pay for it. Seth Rollins and Roman together throw Miz out but as soon that happen Roman betray Seth by pulling him out of ring. No 29 is Goldust. And the final man is Dolph Ziggler. Everyone is now thinking WTF.

Let the Rumble Finish

Ziggler continue targeting each contender but Finn Balor stop him by eliminating. Now the remaining six target each other for Wrestle mania. With superman punch Roman eliminate The Viper. Following him Ray Mysterio gets eliminate. Now only four are remaining John Cena, Nakamura, Roman and Finn Balor.

When Roman and Cena stands tall WWE Universe chants YOU BOTH SUCK. After a long time, later John Cena eliminate Finn Balor. Now three remain and attempt to survive. John Cena get eliminate by Shinsuke Namkamura. Now only Roman Reigns and Nakamura is in ring. WWE Universe chants for Nakamura. After a long survive Shinsuke Nakamura wins the 30 men Royal Rumble 2018. The match runs for 1 Hour 6 Minutes and 2 seconds.

Renee Young enter the ring and ask Shinsuke for his victory and he only reply AJ Styles. After this Shinsuke celebrate his victory with WWE universe.

Sheamus and Cesaro New RAW Tag Team Champions

In Backstage Shane and Daniel show their happiness by chanting YES! YES! YES! After this with Stephanie McMahon they discuss now its time for first ever 30 women Royal Rumble.

RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan comes in ring. Following them Cesaro and Sheamus enter the ring.

The match continues and again Jason Jordan did shit thing by moving from his place when Seth Rollins need his help. This make a sense of regular Raw or Smackdown match rather than a PPV. Soon the match become from Tag Team to a Handicap match we see in the beginning. Seth alone deal with both Sheamus and Cesaro. This show that they are still not on the same page. At a moment when all three tired out Jason come in but soon he sends back Seth in. At the end Cesaro pin Seth and become new tag team champions.

Brock Lesnar Remain Universal Champion

After this WWE Show a segment between Beast Monster and Machine.

Braun Strowman is in ring with a monstrous roar theme. Following him Big Red Machine Kane enter the ring. And finally, the Longest Reigning Universal Champion Brock Lesnar enter ring.

With #UniversalChampionship match begins. As the match begins Braun stay tall on both Brock and Kane. Brock Lesnar brings a black chair but that does not affect Braun Strowman. Braun also attack Brock Lesnar with Stairs. After this he bring out two folding tables. First, he gets Kane in ring and open table in vertical. Kane try to give Braun a choke slam but he fails. Braun successfully deliver a choke slam to Kane but after that he face three Suplex from Brock Lesnar.

Kane takes advantage of this and put Braun in his table trap. Brock gives an F5 in ring. After surviving Brock F5 Braun try to put him but Brock bring F5. Lesnar also put the entire table on Braun. Meanwhile Kane try to give Brock choke slam but he fails and face F5 on commentary table.

Brock takes advantage of fight between Braun and Kane and pins Kane after an F5. Brock is still the Universal Champion.

Women Royal Rumble Match

Maria Menounos comes as a special ring announcer who calls out Stephanie McMahon as special guest commentator. Following her WWE RAW Women champion Alexa Bliss And Smackdown Champion Charlotte Flair comes in.

First Five

The first contender is The Legit boss Sasha Banks. Second Contender is Becky Lynch. The third contender is Riott Squad. Riott try to eliminate Becky Lynch but Sasha keep her stopping doing this.
No 4 contenders is Mandy Rose. No elimination is done yet and the fifth contender is 4 times WWE Women champion and Hall of Famer Lita. First elimination is Mandy Rose by Lita

Six to Ten

Sixth is Kairi Sane champion from Japan. Kiari stay tall on everyone meanwhile Tamina becomes no 7 contenders. WWE universe chants for Lita YOU STILL GOT IT. Lita eliminate Tamina but during that Becky eliminate her. No 8 is Dana Brooke. Kairi Sane eliminate by Dana Brooke. Torrie Wilson is no 9th Contender. Dana Brooke get eliminate by Torrie Wilson. Sonya Deville enter as no 10 contenders.

Top 15

Torrie Willson get eliminate by Sonya Deville. No 11 contenders is Liv Morgan from Riott Squad. Two times women champion Molly Holly is on no 12 in Royal Rumble. Following her no 15 in Lana. As soon as Lana enters everybody chants for Rusey Day. That fire up Lana and make her fight.

Road to Wrestle Mania With These 20

Meanwhile sixteenth contenders show up which is Michelle McCool. Lana gets eliminate by McCool. Becky and Sasha try to eliminate McCool but they fail as No 17 Ruby Riott interfere. WTF Vickie Guerrero is in ring as 18th contender. She keeps yelling excuse me but no one listen up. After that she becomes a main target and everyone eliminate Vickie. No 19 is Miss Money in The Bank Carmella. While she was coming in ring Vickie smash her with Carmella Money in the Bank briefcase. No 20 is two times champion Natalya. But the same thing that happen with Sheamus happens with Natalya. In 0.01 Natalya eliminate by Carmella.

Top 25

The 21 is Kelly Kelly. No 20 is Feel the Glow Naomi. Becky Lynch eliminate by Ruby Riott. On 21 spot Jaqueline comes in ring. Now the monster is in Nia Jax on No 22  is in ring. By this Kelly Kelly and Jaqueline eliminate. Ruby Riott alone fight with Nia Jax which results in eliminate. After this Naomi try to get Nia. Again Naomi mess with Nia and this time she completely eliminate by Nia. Natalya eliminate Nia with friend. Meanwhile No 25 Asuka enter the ring. On the other hand Carmella is back in ring.

Last Five

Mickie James is no 26 to enter Royal Rumble Match. Meanwhile Sasha Banks come back to ring. On no 27 Niki Bella return to WWE. Carmella make Niki her target but that make her pay by eliminating herself. Now its time for Brie Bella to help her twin sister at no 28. Following her No 29 is Bayley. A helping hand to Boss. And now the final no 30 is Trish Stratus and everyone get on target.

Mickie James and Trish Stratus stands tall at end. With a kick on face Mickie James eliminate by Trish. Meanwhile Sasha Banks eliminate Bayley which stun Charlotte Flair.  The same way as Mikie James get eliminate Natalya get it by Trish. After that Sasha Banks mess with Trish and eliminate. After this Bella’s and Banks target Asuka. But Bella as always betray the boss and eliminate her.

Asuka alone fight both Nikki and Brie Bella. During that a Yes moment start and successfully get over by Asuka. As things goes complicate Nikki Bella eliminate Brie Bella. The only survivor fight each other for a stand in Wrestle Mania.  At the end Asuka eliminate Niki and becomes the first Women Royal Rumble Winner.

The winner and both Smackdown and Raw Women champion stands tall in ring.

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