WWE Results : WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results
WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Today article is about WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results. WWE RAW 22 Jan 2018 Results is special because it also includes WWE RAW 25th Anniversary.

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Welcome to Monday Night Raw Michel Cloe, Jerry and Booker T welcome audience. The show begins with McMahon kids Shane and Stephanie.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Raw complete its 25 years and today is RAW 25 anniversary. WWE show a promo of WWE RAW moments. With #RAW25 Stephanie McMahon Than all WWE universe for their support. Then She calls out the Chairmen her father Vince McMahon. With No Chance Mr McMahon comes in ring.

Shane and Stephanie give a gift to Vince on RAW 25 anniversary. But unfortunately, he does not like it. After this Vince keep going on saying I make RAW this much popular. Every credit goes to me. Everything is because of me not anyone else is behind RAW. For this lie we get a surprise.

And the OMFG moment is here now. Stone Cold Steve Austin is in the ring with his theme song. When Vince start talking to him in background WWE chants for What. Shane shakes hand with Stone but soon Stone stun him with stunner. To chill down Stone Vince give him a beer can which both of them cheers with stone cold way. With this Vince try to leave the ring but the theme song disappear and stunner get to Vince McMahon. Shane again given a second stunner after this.

WWE show The Undertaker is return on WWE RAW promo. In background Stone Cold leave the show and we head for commercial.

Sasha Banks Def Naomi

Back from break with 1st ever women royal rumble match promo 8 Women’s Tag Team Match start. Nia Jax with Team Riott enter first. Following them Sasha Banks Asuka Bayley and Mickie James enter. As soon as all competitors enter the ring they all start fighting each other. After referee interfere the match continue. After a commercial break Sasha Banks end match by locking Naomi which make her tap out. After match as always happen in WWE Asuka attack everyone and come in spotlight.

Before going for commercial we see Kurt Angle in backstage talking to a referee. Meanwhile many old WWE superstars comes and join Kurt. All them celebrate small party for RAW 25.

Deadman At Manhattan Center NY

After break Undertaker from then to now RAW promo pops up. After promo Deadman arrive in Manhattan Center New York City. The crowd chants for Undertaker. Undertaker talk to WWE Universe about his journey in WWE. He mentions some legends name during this talk. At end he thanks to both WWE and WWE universe and left the stage. After this WWE announce Intercontinental match between Roman Reigns and Miz.

Miz Def Roman Reigns

After this WWE announce to welcome some of the greatest General Manager of RAW. After three losers enter the ring WWE call Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan. With the Yes Chants Daniel Bryan comes and shake hand with all former General Managers. Before he enters ring Awesome Miz comes out. Following Awesome Miz The Shield Big Dog and Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns enter the ring.

As the match begins WWE show that #RAW25 is trending no 1 worldwide on twitter.

The match continues. During match Miz team mates try to distract Roman Reigns from match. At a moment when referee see Miz Team mate is cheating they get them out of the ring side. During their talk Roman try to pin Miz but he fails. After doing two-time signature move Miz pin Roman and wins the show.

Now WWE have their New Awesome Intercontinental Champion.

With ALL HERE LIVE headline WWE announce Brock Lesnar Braun Strowman and Kane will face each other tonight. After this another promo comes for tonight about Triple H team reuniting.

 After this we head for commercial.

Seth Rollins And Jason Jordan

Back from break we see Christian in the ring. He welcomes his guest for tonight Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins. As the show begins Jason talk and get boo from WWE Universe. Now everyone including me thinking what is wrong with this person. Meanwhile Sheamus and Cesaro come in ring as The Bar. The best thing The Bar said to Jason is its not his father who suck its him who sucks. With this they sing You Suck song for him. After this Seth start attacking both Sheamus and Cesaro. In helping Seth Rollins Jason caught Cesaro. Seth try to give him a punch from jump but he fails. That attack goes to Jason. After this Cesaro and Sheamus run to backstage. By this WWE predict that Seth and Jason are still not on same page.

In the backstage Raw Goddess Alexa Bliss shown giving interview. The interview interrupted by Smackdown Queen Charlotte Flair with her father Rick Flair.

Bray Wyatt Def Matt Hardy

Break is over and we see Bray Wyatt is in ring following him Matt Hardy is in ring. The match begins at Manhattan Center New York. The match keep goes on and with Sister Abigail bray Wyatt wins the show.

On the other hand, in Barclays Center in Brooklyn NY WWE call some great WWE Divas. In the eleven Divas Hall of Fame and 7-time Divas Champion Trish Stratus return to WWE RAW. It also includes Nikki and Brie Bella’s and some other Divas.

John Cena On RAW 25

Back from commercial WWE show Earlier in Empire States Building Triple H with his kids and wife Stephanie McMahon. Meanwhile in ring we get another surprise that John Cena is in ring. WWE universe welcome him as they welcome Kurt Angle as John Cena Sucks. While John Cena try to talk WWE universe he interrupted by. He said nobody wants to hear you and also, he ruins his singing show. For this John Cena Challenge, him but he rejects. In return he faces John Cena Attitude Adjustment. But recovering from that he smashes his Guitar on Cena.

In the backstage we see the worlds strongest man Mark Henry. Where in ring we see Future Champions Titus O’Neil with Dana Brooke and Apollo Crew. Following them Heath Slather comes in ring with Rhyno. Because the match goes wrong the match discontinue by referee. After this Dudley boys enter the ring. Everyone targets Heath Slather and throw him inside ring. Who get victimized by Dudley Boys. They not only harassed Heath Slather but also put him on table removed from the under ring.

Backstage we see Phenomenal WWE champion AJ Styles. He talks about his match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. He also talks that they think their Yep moment is better than Yes Moment. All AJ want is to teach them a good lesson which will take it place on Royal Rumble 2018.

DX Reunite

With asking Are You Ready? Degeneration X aka DX enter the ring in Manhattan New York. With Triple H and Shawn Michael. The Live coverage goes to Brooklyn NY via satellite. After them New Age Outlaws enter the ring. Following them Razor Ramon enter the ring. The Bailor Club enter ring after this. Just behind them The Revival enter ring with referee. By beating The Revival DX reunites again.

With You Suck Chants General Manager enter the ring with every WWE superstar. For the safety purpose as The Main Event is happening and before that we go for commercial break.

Braun Strowman Stands Tall

Back from break we see Kurt Angle in ring. Trending tag is #UniversalTile. First Kurt calls out the monster Braun Strowman. Following him the Manchester Kane enter in ring. The superstar stands between them for safety. Meanwhile the most favourite old man voice Paul Heyman come out.
Paul announce that Lesnar is not here for talk he is here for talk. With that he introduces Reigning Defending Undisputed Universal Champion. As soon as this happen Brock Lesnar enter and attack both Braun and Kane. While he was on Kane Braun attack both of them and smash Lesnar on commentaries table.

At the end Braun Strowman stands tall. And with this WWE RAW 25 Anniversary ends up.

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