WWE TOTAL DIVAS 17 Jan 2018 Highlights

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. Today our article is WWE TOTAL DIVAS 17 Jan 2018. Well I do not watch WWE Total Divas. Not even give time for writing on it. But because my audience requested me for this. Now I am writing WWE TOTAL DIVAS 17 Jan 2018.

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#1 Dancing With The Stars

I will be re uploading some of WWE writing for proper understanding.

WWE also added a video in which Brie and Daniel Bryan hanging with each other holding hand. They do talk about their life and other things which are as follow.

You may remember that also around this time last year, Nikki Bella fielded an offer from “Dancing with the Stars” that she chose to pass up in favor of returning to the ring.

Well, what goes around has come back around, and The Fearless One is getting another bite at the apple. The problem is, she and Brie have wiped their schedules clean to focus on Belle Radici and Birdiebee, and Nikki taking a sabbatical to compete on the show puts most of the burden on Brie’s shoulders.

The new mom is stressed, but Daniel Bryan convinces her that Nikki can’t pass up such an opportunity, so Brie agrees to handle the business end of Bellaworld by herself while Nikki focuses on “Dancing with the Stars.” By way of a peace offering, Brie even gives Nikki the perfect gift: A pair of ballroom dancing shoes.

#2 Lana Become Shepherd

Lana and Rusey travels a long drive to Sophia,Bulgaria. It was Rusey and Lana first year anniversary and they return to Bulgaria to buy a second home for both of them. But both of them have different taste for their dream home. Lana wants a big house while Rusey prefers a rustic country home.

So they bet each other for the home. If Lana able to complete three farm task she will get her mansion. But if she fail to do so Rusey will get his country home. By this not only it reveal Rusey never farm a single day but also Lana passes the bet with full marks.

After all this the couple goes to traditional Bulgarian party where Lana soften herself and promise to her husband to give his farm after all.

#3 Carmella And Big Cass in Tampa,Fla

Again Carmella is in spotlight for not moving to Los angle but for moving to Tampa,Fla. Carmella and Big Cass Moves to Tampa,Fla where their new home is waiting for them.

They are super excited for the new home but problems arises. Big Cass tears his ACL on Raw just as his singles run is getting off road. Meanwhile Carmella calls her sister and father for the help. When Cass and Carmella’s dad meet each other Carmella sister think Cass might want to marry Carmella. But opposite to this Carmella father wants to return WWE RAW as Cass Manger. Because Carmella father was a great performer at his time as Paul Van Dale.

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