WWE Results : WWE RAW 15 JAN 2018 Results

WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Results
WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Results
WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Results

WWE RAW 15 JAN 2018 Results

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The show begins with last Monday Night promo of Braun Strowman madness towards Kane and Brock Lesnar. WWE RAW show how Braun injure not only Kane and Brock but also damage WWE property.

RAW General manger comes in ring and calls out Braun Strowman. After a long discussion Kurt angel say Braun Strowman your fired. And then he leaves the ring. Following him Braun also go to backstage with two security guard behind him.

Again, Braun shown backstage dealing with security guards and before anything happen we go for commercial. Back from commercial Braun attacks security. Five of them gets beaten by Braun.

At the end he leaves everyone alone and we come to commentary. Cesaro and Sheamus enters in the ring.

Titus O’Neil And Apollo Crew Def Sheamus And Cesaro

WWE RAW show promo picture of Tag Team championship match at royal rumble.

Dana Brooke comes up with Titus and Apollo Crew. Some of victory photos shown by RAW how they beat Cesaro and Sheamus last Monday Night RAW.

The match goes on and suddenly Jason Jordan shows up. Due to this Sheamus not only loose his concentration but also the match.

Braun again shown in backstage. First, he breaks in a room door then smash Television with a chair and move out. With this we go for second commercial. Before that RAW 25 anniversary promo shows up.

Back from commercial in the canteen Braun comes and attack some wrestler. But he does not attack a staff holding a chocolate cake. Instead of attacking he takes a pie of cake and get out of canteen.

Cedric Alexander Step Up to Cruiserweight Championship

Enzo Amore comes in ring with his Cruiserweight Championship. He talks to WWE Universe and introduce his new friend who will fight with him as a tag team partner. After that Cedric Alexander show up with his tag team partner Goldust. After they finish with their talk RAW show Cruiserweight Championship match promo. Before RAW match begin we go for commercial.

Back from commercial Braun keep damaging things. On the other hand, the match between Enzo and Cedric continues. Because Enzo is having injury his new friend fights for him against Cedric Alexander.

Cedric Alexander wins the match with his signature. In the Backstage Kurt Angel come in the room Braun attack earlier. He said he never been in such situation. WWE staff comes and tells something about Braun. By this Kurt follow him. Here we go for another commercial.

Unstoppable Braun Strowman

Back from break Braun enters in server room. Behave horrible to staff. He asks everyone to get out. For a while staff goes out but again come back to continue their work. On the other hand, Braun tries to fall a Giant truck and he succeed in that. Kurt angel ask him what he doing. He did ignore Kurt and keep goes on smashing things. To stop him some security keep follow him.

At the end he again comes to RAW ring. At entrance stage he targets commentaries. Before he does something, Kurt angle comes and said he have call the cops. He also said that Braun is not fired and he is still in the championship. By hearing this Braun stops. While he was going to backstage he without any reason try to injure commentary by throwing him off the stage. There was security so they catch him and save him from getting injure.

Back from break RAW show moment ago how Braun rotate the truck inn his anger. Commentaries talk about what just happen a moment ago.

Asuka Def Nia Jax

After this WWE again show tonight main event Roman Reigns vs Miz promo. Nia Jax enter in ring. Before that RAW show last Monday promo how Nia betray Asuka. After this Asuka enters the ring. Before they start their match RAW show first ever 30 Women Royal Rumble promo.

The match keep goes on. Asuka tries to make Nia tap out by locking her left arm. But Nia manage to unlock her hand. This injure her arm a bit. With this we go for commercial break.

Back from break Asuka get lock by Nia Jax which Asuka somehow make unlock. After this match gores on. During this Nia tries to pin but she fails. Asuka in return lock Nia leg which get unlock when Nia catch the ropes. But this makes her unable to continue the match. In result Asuka wins the match.

Due to Nia injury RAW Women Champion Alexa Bliss come to see her best friend. With some WWE staff Nia goes backstage. In the Backstage Kurt angle shows upset for what Braun did. During that Jason show up and talk to his pop. He asks to make Finn Balor his partner tonight and Kurt also agree to this.

Then we come back to commentaries discussing on the backstage conversation.

Back from break Nia and Alexa shown talking what happen in the match. During their conversation Enzo Amore comes in. Alexa tries to get him away but the look he gave to her make Alexa leave them alone.

Roman Reigns Def Team Miz

Back from break **** comes in and sing for WWE Universe. This time WWE universe respect him and his talent. Meanwhile Miz with his friends comes in. Maybe it is time for the main event of tonight WWE RAW. After break Miz talks to WWE Universe. He did a lot of promises to WWE universe. As soon as he finishes Roman Reigns comes in the ring with his Intercontinental Championship. During this WWE RAW show Intercontinental Championship match between Roman Reigns and Miz n RAW 25 Anniversary.

And the match begins. Miz try to distract Roman Reigns from the beginning of the match. But this thing happen too many time with Roman which teach him how to deal with it. Roman was all active and prepare for every strategy.

The match goes on and at end Roman gives superman punch to both Miz friends. He run after Miz and get him in ring but Miz somehow success to run out. At the end with a sphere Roman wins the match.

Sonya Deville Def Sasha Banks

After this Legit Boss enters in ring with her team Bayley and Mickie James. Following them Sonya Deville with Team Absolution enters the ring. The match goes on between Shasha Banks and Sonya Deville. With a kick similar to sphere Sonya Deville wins the match.

In the backstage Seth Rollins shown with Jason Jordan. They talk about each other Team work in which Seth try to understand where Jason do mistakes. Jason also try to be a good team mate. He accept suggestions from Seth Rollins as Rollins have won more championships as compare to Jason.

Matt Hardy Def Heath Slather

Back to the ring Matt Hardy enters the ring with I will delete you theme. And we go for a commercial beak.
Back from commercial match continues between Heath Slather and Matt Hardy.

First time Heath Slather scare to Matt Hardy and try to leave the match. Rhyno was with him during match who motivate him. Due to this he again enter the ring. The funny part was during the match Matt Hardy bites Heather hand which was not legal but still match continues. At the end Matt Hardy win the match with his signature move.

Thank You Goldberg

Recently WWE announce that Goldberg is the no 1 inducted to Hall Of Fame. Due to this WWE RAW show respect to Goldberg for his achievement. WWE RAW show a life time achievements promo of Goldberg. At that moment we thought Goldberg is on tonight RAW but he was not there. After this WWE show the next match promo and head for commercial.

After commercial WWE RAW show the starting of the night. WWE show how Kurt angle fired Braun Strowman and what result come out because of this decision. After this WWE show Triple threat match and WWE Championship handicap match promo. With this they also show RAW and Smackdown Tag Team Championship match along with Counterweight Championship. At the end Both Men and Women royal rumble promo pop up one after another.

Seth Rollins Def Finn Balors

Finn Balor enters the ring with his team members. Following him WWE Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins enter the ring. And the match between Rollins and Balor starts. After a long match Cesaro and Sheamus interfere the match. They were come to attack Jason but mistakenly attack Balors partners. In return Balors Team mates attack them. After this Finn Balor try to take advantage of this but Cesaro and Sheamus fail it. At the end Rollins pin Finn Balor and wins the match.

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