WWE RAW : WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Preview

WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Preview
WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Preview

WELCOME TO WWE RAW 15 Jan 2018 Preview

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Entertainment Section. This is a preview of your favorite show Monday Night WWE Raw 15 Jan 2018 Preview.

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Nia Jax VS Asuka

Raw Women champion Alexa bliss spark rumor that Asuka talk garbage to Nia Jax. In result to this Nia Jax attack Asuka. Now Nia Jax is all ready for Asuka in Women Royal Rumble. This is a revenge of Alexa Bliss when she loose a match against Asuka in Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns Repay Miz

We all know that The Miz returns to RAW last week. The only goal currently he have is to reclaim the Intercontinental Championship he loose to Roman Reigns.

In last WWE Raw at the end of the show Roman Reigns lost to Six man Tag team match. All credit goes to overexcited Jason Jordan. After match from nowhere Miz attack Roman Reigns.

On that Roman tweet Miz will get his rematch for the #ICTitle at #Raw25….only if he makes it out of #Raw next week. #WitnessMe.

Rollins Jordan Remain Equal Page

We all think the same whenever we see the new Tag Team Champions of Raw. When is Dean Ambrose coming back? The same question nowadays Rollins and Roman ask each other as they do not want Jason Jordan in their team. Seth Rollins was mot comfortable to fight with Jason from the beginning of time. Luckily they won against Sheamus and Cesaro and becomes new Tag Team Champions.

But now after winning the championship Jason nonsense talk and walk is creating lot of troubles to both shield members. In last RAW because of Jason over excitement they loose the match of Six Man Tag Team. Not only that because of his stupid moves The Miz got chance to attack with a power bomb to Roman Reigns. Due to this Roman fans are very unhappy on Jason Jordan. Because of this they trolled him all the week. Therefore it will be interesting how long the Tag Team Champions stay together.

Braun Strowman Brutal Attack Lesnar & Kane

The act not only hurt Brock Lesnar and Kane but also damage WWE stadium which is not good for Braun. On this WWE said.

With the aid of a grappling hook, of all things, Braun Strowman tore down a piece of the Raw set and nearly crushed Universal Champion Brock Lesnar and Kane two weeks before the three behemoths meet in a Triple Threat Match at the Royal Rumble event for The Beast’s title.

Clearly, The Monster Among Men will stop at nothing in pursuit of Lesnar’s championship. What chaos will Strowman create this week?

Fans asking WWE to stop the event at Royal Rumble if the physical damage is too far. We hope Universal Champion and Kane are fine and capable to fight at Royal Rumble. Lets see what happen in the upcoming WWE Monday Night Raw.

Cedric Alexander Next WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

After a lot of hard work finally he gets his match against Enzo Amore Last Monday Night Raw. He wins the match but not the title he wanted. During the bout, Muscles Marinara injured his ankle outside the ring. This results in count out victory which keep title to former holder.

Now Enzo have to defend his title against his challenger at Royal Rumble 2018. The challenger is none other than Cedric Alexander. The reason why WWE think he is the next WWE Cruiserweight Champion is because of his last match performance. Cedric win the last match without depending on anything else. If nothing goes wrong he will defeat Enzo and becomes the new Champion.

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