Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling section. The RAW is live now so here is WWE RAW 8 JAN 2018 episode highlights. With Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns Promo WWE begins its live show in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Big Dog Roman talks about how he defends his title from Samoa last week. During his talk WWE universe keep reply What chants to him. While he was sharing his thought Jason Jordan comes up. WWE boo Jason Jordan. Jason agree with Roman thoughts and keep enlarging it until WWE start who’s your daddy? Chants. As the chants go loud and clear Rollins show himself in ring.

Rollins try to understand Jason that he has lot of thing to work on. This show Rollins still don’t trust and look Jason as a champion. While three of them discussing because of Jason egoistic words Finn Balor Luke Gallows and Karl Andersson shows up.

When they argue each other RAW general manager comes up and fix a 6 men Tag team match for tonight main event.

Sasha Banks and Bayley Def Absolution

Back from the break and Bayley is out with Sasha Banks and Mickie James. We see a replay of Stephanie McMahon’s women’s Royal Rumble announcement. Absolution is out next as Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville hit the ring.

Mandy starts off with Bayley and gets the upper hand while talking some trash. Mandy keeps control and takes Bayley to the corner for more offense. Mandy scoop slams Bayley and covers for a 2 count.

Mandy keeps Bayley grounded now. Bayley finally fights back and hits a Suplex. Bayley looks to make a comeback but Paige and Deville pull Rose to safety. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Mandy goes at it with Sasha. Paige and Mickie cheer their teams on from ringside. Mandy talks more trash and works Sasha over but Sasha fires back and nails her for a pop. Sasha knocks Deville off the apron but turns around to a big knee from Mandy for a 2 count.

Deville tags in and keeps control of Sasha, unloading on her with body shots. Rose tags back in and works Sasha over near the corner as Bayley waits for the tag. Mandy stops Sasha from tagging and knocks Bayley off the apron.

Deville gets a cheap shot in while the referee is distracted by Bayley. Sasha rolls Mandy up but Deville breaks it. Deville gets knocked off the apron by Bayley. Rose keeps control of Sasha in the ring. Sasha with a Banks Statement in the middle of the ring. Rose taps for the finish.

Matt Hardy Def Curt Hawkins

Matt Hardy comes in ring with his new theme song Woken. Matt announce himself for the Royal Rumble Match. Matt slams Hawkins’ head into the turnbuckles over and over as The Woken Warriors do the “delete!” chant. Matt keeps control and ends up hitting the Twist of Fate after more offense. Matt covers for the win.

WWE RAW 8 JAN 2018 Miz is Back.

Miz fans chants welcome back for Miz long return to RAW. Miz say to WWE he was busy filming The Marine 6 during holidays. After this show off he calls out tonight guest Bo Dollas and Curtis Axel.

Miz praises Axel and Dallas for turning their career in year 2017. After this Dallas give his Jacket to miz saying it’s a brand new sports coat. Dallas then give his own wrist watch. Axel gives his shoes to miz. This makes Miz a bit irrited. Miz said shut up and sit down. Miz says 2017 was a big year for him but he has a lot more planned. He brags on his WWE Intercontinental Title reign and says he elevated Dallas, Axel, RAW and SmackDown. Miz says everything he touched turned to gold and he was even named Rolling Stone’s Wrestler of the Year.

But he’s not going to forget about this… we see a replay from 2 months ago where he was laid out by The Shield and put through an announce table. Miz rants and says he’s allowed Reigns to borrow his Intercontinental Title because he wanted the title to be defended while he was away filming a movie but clearly the title doesn’t make the man.

Miz says in 2018 he will celebrate the birth of his daughter and he will become the longest IC Champion of all time. Miz say he hopes Reigns enjoyed his time in the spotlight that Miz allowed him to have but it is all coming to an end. Miz declares that he is back, he is coming for his title and Reigns can believe that. Miz drops the mic and his music hits. He leaves the ring with The Miztourage right behind him.

Cedric Alexander Def Enzo Amore.

For cruiserweight championship a match between Cedric Alexander and Enzo Amore take place in WWE RAW 8 JAN 2018. During match Enzo Amore gets beaten by Cedric Alexander. At end his face completely change in a bleeding face. He also injures his left leg during match. At end due to count fail Enzo Amore gets Disqualified and Cedric wins the show.

Brock Lesnar Responds WWE RAW 8 JAN 2018.

After this WWE show the last Monday night promo of Brock and Kane. Brock appears on the second night of RAW 2018. With Paul Heyman he responds on last Monday Night Kane act. As usual Paul Heyman give a long speech on how much best is Brock Lesnar they leave the ring. While they were going Kane attacks Brock and Braun attacks Kane. Braun pull the entire stage part on both Kane and Brock Lesnar. By this Brock Lesnar hospitalize for treatment.

Samoa Joe is in the ring now for his match against Rhyno.

After two pins and lastly holding the neck tightly Rhyno tap out and Samoa Joe wins the match. After match WWE reporter ask some questions related to Royal Rumble. Joe says Reigns’ little win was simply a Pyrrhic victory. Joe goes on and says he’s beaten years off Reigns’ career each time he steps into the ring with him. Joe says everything is coming tumbling down on Reigns and when it does, Joe will be there to finish the job but until then, Joe will pursue more worthy things. Joe announces himself for the Royal Rumble match. Charly asks about some of the other Rumble participants and John Cena’s name sets him off. Joe promises to eliminate Cena first.

Six Men Tag Team Match.

The match was going well until Jason Jordon do his stupidity. Because of him not only Roman disallowed to exchange Rollins but also, he helps Finn Balor give a perfect kick on Rollins chest. With that Finn Balor team wins the show.

During match Roman argue with Jason but to breakdown their argument Miz shows up. Attacking everyone in the end he makes Roman his target. The same way the shield give their power bomb Miz give it to Roman and end the show. With this WWE RAW 8 JAN 2018 over we hope you enjoy the show.

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