Sasha Banks Def Absolution WWE RAW 8 Jan 2018

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On 20 November 2017 episode of RAW Absolution make their debut in WWE. Absolution is female version of The Shield. It is a team of Paige, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Since then to now they never loose a match against anyone.

Today on 8 Jan 2018 Sasha Banks Bayley and Mickie James defeat Absolution. It will be really interesting if this impact the first Women Royal Rumble match.

Sasha Banks Def Absolution WWE RAW 8 Jan 2018

This is what exactly happen. Mandy starts off with Bayley and gets the upper hand while talking some trash. Mandy keeps control and takes Bayley to the corner for more offense. Mandy scoop slams Bayley and covers for a 2 count.

Mandy keeps Bayley grounded now. Bayley finally fights back and hits a Suplex. Bayley looks to make a comeback but Paige and Deville pull Rose to safety.

Mandy goes at it with Sasha. Paige and Mickie cheer their teams on from ringside. Mandy talks more trash but Sasha fires back and nails her for a pop. Sasha knocks Deville off the apron but turns around to a big knee from Mandy for a 2nd count.

Deville tags in and keeps control of Sasha, unloading on her with body shots. Rose tags back in and works Sasha over near the corner as Bayley waits for the tag. Mandy stops Sasha from tagging and knocks Bayley off the apron.

Deville gets a cheap shot in while the referee is distracted by Bayley. Sasha rolls Mandy up but Deville breaks it. Sonya gets knocked off the apron by Bayley. Rose keeps control of Sasha in the ring. Sasha with a Banks Statement in the middle of the ring. Rose taps for the finish.

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