WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2018 Results

WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2018 Results And Highlights

WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2018
WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2018

Welcome to JioTorrent Wrestling Section Hope You like our last WWE RAW  1 Jan 2018 Results Highlights. Today article is about WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2018 Results.

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The night begins its first episode of Smackdown Live with the last night promos. It was about AJ Styles VS Kevin Owens match highlights.

AJ Styles the Phenomenal come out after promo and demand explanation to Shane McMahon for the last match. But before Shane Daniel Bryan came out. Before they begin their arguments, Shane McMahon enters ring shaking hand to both AJ Styles and Daniel he starts talking about the last match.

He apologies AJ for the lose he get by Kevin because of his interfere and arrange main event in Smackdown featuring AJ Styles Vs Kevin Owens. But Daniel Bryan made some changes in match saying both he and Shane will be outside the ring to keep the match fair.

By this WWE made tonight match of AJ Styles VS Sami Zayn with Kevin Owens & Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan Outside the ring.


The first Smackdown Tag Team Championship held after the Main Event decision. Gable and Benjamin Vs the USO’s match begins with some argument. Gable and Benjamin create strategy and focusing on that they defeat The USO’s and thus WWE Smackdown got their new Tag Team Champions.

As soon as that happen from back stage a referee came out and point out the match referee mistake. Because of this mistake the match restarted in which USO’s defeat Gable and Benjamin as the strategy did not work this time.

WWE Backstage: Sami And Kevin Talks About Main Event

Sami And Kevin shown giving interview. Kevin claims there is no difference in tonight match vs the last match. “Last week I defeat AJ and tonight Sami will defeat WWE champion AJ Styles and will break his attitude.” Kevin said.

Breezing VS Burgeon Brothers.

Breezing came out to ring for their match with Burgeon Brothers. Last time they got away but this time Burgeon Brothers were preparing to teach them and their friends a lesson. And as they plan they did that.

US Title Xavier Woods Def Aiden English

While in Backstage the New Day shown preparing for the Smackdown New Year 2018 with pancakes and candles. When they were discussing about new years wish Rusey and Aiden English came out and ruin the new year plans.

After that US Title match take place between Aiden English Vs Xavier Woods. With perfect planning Xavier Woods defeat Aiden English which disappoint Rusey. The match observer Jinder Mahal mae himself prepare for his next opponent. Now the next match is between Xavier Woods Vs Jinder Mahal which will be live on Raw next episode.

Charlotte Flair on Smackdown

After the six women tag team match Riott talks to WWE universe. Interrupting to this Women Champion Charlotte Flair came out with Becky Lynch and ruin the victory celebrations.

Main Event

With phenomenal song AJ Styles enter the ring. As decided earlier Daniel Bryan And Shane McMahon came after AJ Styles. Sami Zayn comes out with Kevin Owens.

During their match WWE Universe keep chanting Daniel Bryan. The things that happen in AJ Vs Kevin start in this match too. Finally again the politics works out and AJ Styles lose to Sami Zayn.

This makes Phenomenal frustrated a lot and make him blame to Daniel Bryan. In return Daniel Bryan declares a Handicapped Match between AJ Styles vs Sami Zyan and Kevin Owens.

With this WWE Smackdown Jan 2 2017 ends. We hope you enjoy the show and like our article. Thank You for visiting JioTorrent.

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