WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW Jan 1 2018 Live

WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW Jan 1 2017 Live
WWE RESULTS : WWE RAW Jan 1 2018 Live

Happy New Year WWE Universe we are live in Miami, FL on WWE RAW Jan 1 2018. On the start WWE show three promos for the night. First an Intercontinental Championship match between Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns. If Roman DQ he will lose his title. Second is Year of Beast Brock Lesnar is back to RAW’s first episode of the year.

WWE RAW Jan 1 2018 Live In Miami, FL

Before the show begin Alexa Bliss reach Kurt Angle to talk about her match but Kurt ignore her and went to ring.

The show begins with You Suck RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He first wishes everyone a very Happy New Year and welcome all to first RAW episode of year 2018.

Then Sheamus and Cesaro come in ring and blame Kurt Angle for their loss title. They also show him the promo of last RAW. They ask him for a rematch. While they talk further Jason Jordan came up with his Tag Team Champion Title. As soon as Jason accept the rematch Seth Rollins come and argue with Jason. Due to this WWE Universe start chanting Daddy’s Boy. With this we head for the first commercial of the day.

After commercial the match between Cesaro and Jason Jordan start. During the match Sheamus do his job of making distraction but on that Rollins, prefer to stay quiet. During the match Cesaro injure the left leg of Jordan which makes him closer to tap him. Sheamus gets attack by Rollins as soon as that happen Jason also knockout Cesaro and pin him to get years first victory.

Roman Reigns Talk Samoa Joe

In backstage Roman talks about his tonight match. He said Samoa Joe is a real-life punk. He talks like a punk and he walk like a punk. After this WWE again show the main event of first RAW episode which is Lesnar on Raw.

Bray Wyatt Def. Apollo Crew

When all of this over Bray Wyatt enters in the ring with his weird theme song and a lamp in his hand. And WWE did favour on WWE Universe and bring the third commercial of the day.

When the commercial ends Sasha Banks talk about Royal Rumble match. She did comment that she will win the Rumble like a boss.

After this Bray Wyatt opponent Apollo Crew comes in ring and their match on RAW starts. The fourth commercial is over and the match continue. At the end with Sister Abigail Bray Wyatt win the match. As soon as the match ends contact Bray Wyatt in a video. This make Bray Wyatt scare.

After this Alexa shown in back stage asking for help to Nia Jax. But Nia did not agree to help her. After this WWE show Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka match promo which is just after the fifth commercial.

Asuka Def. Alexa Bliss

Finally, RAW women champion Alexa Bliss enter the ring to face her tonight opponent Asuka. Before Asuka enter WWE show last RAW promo in which Asuka tells Alexa she is in Royal Rumble. As the match start WWE announce that first time #AlexaVsAsuka is on twitter. After the sixth commercial the match changes its behaviour. Now Alexa stop running away and start facing Asuka. This happen because of WWE universe boo chants. In the end Asuka make Alexa tap out when she got her arm lock.

Samoa Talks Roman Reigns

After this match WWE shows how Samoa Joe attack each of the Shield member to become new Intercontinental Champion. WWE also show how Roman goes mad on Samoa Joe losing his anger and get DQ. In the back-stage Samoa Joe said he own Roman Reigns and he already broken Roman Reigns mentally. And today he will be broken down physically.

Braun Strowman Def. Rhino

Braun Strowman enters the ring with his roaring theme song and the seventh commercial shows up.  As the advertise over Bayley show promising the same as Sasha Banks promise to WWE Universe for Women Royal Rumble match. Then Rhino comes in ring with Heath Slather. During match Braun Strowman challenge Heath Slather and said stop being a cheerleader. Because of this the match turns 2 on 1 but that does not affect Braun Strowman and he def Rhino by pin. After winning the match he attacks Heath Slather too. On request of WWE Universe, he attack Rhino and then again Heath Slather. After a moment again, he attacks both Rhino and Heath Slather for the third time. And the match ends finally.

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins shown in locker room where Rollins request Roman to calm down. When they were talking Jason Jordan come in and said that all three of them will give a lesson to Samoa Joe for Dean Ambrose. Believe That. After saying all he wanted he goes out making speechless to both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

In 25 Years of RAW Triple H shown promoting WWE in a tank. In Backstage Kane and Braun talks about Brock Lesnar. Kane ask to get together and defeat Brock but Braun just ignores it.

Roman Reigns Def. Samoa Joe

Now it’s time for second main event of the night and the first Title match of Raw. Samoa Joe enters in ring with his white towel. Before Roman eighth commercial pop ups. As the ad over The Big Dog enter the ring and every single WWE audience cheers for him. The match begins. During match some chants from WWE distract Roman Reigns from match and Samoa Joe try to pin but it fails.

It becomes a very long match in which lot of politics happen. During match Samoa try to make Roman lose his anger and get DQ. He also tries to eliminate him by pushing Roman towards referee. But at end ICTitle defend by Roman Reigns by pinning Samoa Joe.

When the victory was showing on TV in backstage Kurt Angle were watching it. Meanwhile Paul Heyman comes in and said Brock Lesnar all set to enter now. As soon as this done the final commercial of the day come out.

After commercial The Absolution promotes the Women Royal Rumble 2018.

Brock Lesnar

Finally, a lot of useless thing late Beast Brock Lesnar Universal Champion is in ring with Paul Heyman. WWE in earlier tonight the talk between Kane and Braun which also seen by Brock and that make him smile. WWE universe welcome Brock with Suplex City Chants. WWE Miami FL also welcome Paul Heyman by repeating him when he introduces as he always does. By saying Brock will defend his title and he don’t fear any challenger both Paul and Brock start to leave ring. Before they leave Kane come in and attack Lesnar. Brock made fun of Kane by duplicating Undertaker reaction on every KO attack. Before they start a serious fight, WWE staff pull them away from each other and with this WWE end their RAW first episode of 2018.

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