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NBA January 2018
NBA January 2018

NBA January 2018 Matches And Results

Welcome to JioTorrent NBA Blogs. This is our first NBA blog so please forgive me for any mistake. Well today is Jan 1 2018 and I wish you all a very happy new year. So here is the matches and their results held in NBA January 2018.

Houston Rockets VS LA Lakers (Jan 1 2018)

Today on first day of year 2018 LA Lakers plays against Houston Rockets at Toyota Center, Houston.

1st Round : Houston Rockets score 44 vs LA Lakers score 37.

2nd Round : LA Lakers score 35 Vs Houston Rockets score 21.

3rd Round : LA Lakers score 29 vs Houston Rockets score 25.

4th Round : LA Lakers score 21 where Houston Rockets score 32.

At this both team scores well. In the overtime Houston Rockets score 26 and LA Lakers score 20.

After overtime score board becomes Houston Rockets 148 beating LA Lakers score 142.

Mbah a Moute L. and Ball L. were missing due to shoulder injury where Williams T due to knee injury. Lopez B. were also missing due to ankle injury. We hope all of them get well soon.

LA Clippers VS Charlotte Hornets

At Staples Center, Los Angeles LA Lakers plays against Houston Rockets.

Score Details

1st Round Los Angeles Clippers score 29 vs Charlotte Hornets score 22.

Charlotte Hornets score 30 Vs Los Angeles Clippers score 13.

Los Angeles Clippers score 33 vs Charlotte Hornets score 14.

In the 4th round Los Angeles Clippers score 31 where Charlotte Hornets score 32.

By this scoreboard is Los Angeles Clippers 106 vs Charlotte Hornets 98. Due to knee injury Beverly P and Zeller C remain missing. Gallinari D due to his Hip injury did not participate in the match. We hope they will get well soon.

Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks

With 18,203 audience at Chesapeake Energy Arena (Oklahoma) the match between Oklahoma City Thunder Vs Dallas Mavericks take place.

Score Details :

1st Round Dallas Mavericks 32 Vs Oklahoma City Thunder 35.

2nd Round Oklahoma City Thunder 31 Vs Dallas Mavericks 22.

3rd Round Dallas Mavericks 27 Vs Oklahoma City Thunder 28.

Final Round Oklahoma City Thunder 28 Vs Dallas Mavericks 32.

At this score board becomes Oklahoma City Thunder 113 Vs Dallas Mavericks 118. On analysis Dallas Mavericks did win the match because of its good performance in 1st, third and 4th round.

Memphis Grizzlies Vs Sacramento Kings

17,583 people visit Golden 1 Center (Sacramento) for the match Memphis Grizzlies Vs Sacramento Kings.

Memphis Grizzlies stay up in all three rounds against Sacramento Kings. In the ending round Sacramento Kings score more but that does not bring victory.

Score Details :

1st Round Sacramento Kings 22 Vs Memphis Grizzlies 36

2nd Round Memphis Grizzlies 28 Vs Sacramento Kings 24

3rd Round Sacramento Kings 17 Vs Memphis Grizzlies 26

Final Round Memphis Grizzlies 33 Vs Sacramento Kings 24


Philadelphia 76ers Vs Phoenix Suns

Approximately 16,928 audience give their attendance to Talking Stick Resort Arena (Phoenix) where Philadelphia 76ers Vs Phoenix Suns match held.

Score Details :

1st Round Phoenix Suns 32 Vs Philadelphia 76ers 36.

2nd Round Philadelphia 76ers 25 Vs Phoenix Suns 17.

3rd Round Phoenix Suns 40 Vs Philadelphia 76ers 29.

Final Round Philadelphia 76ers 31 Vs Philadelphia 76ers 21.

By this Score Board appears as Phoenix Suns 110 Vs Philadelphia 76ers 123.


With this we end our article NBA January 2018. We hope you like the article and you find what you were looking for. Thank You for visiting JioTorrent Please visit us again for latest NBA results. This is our first NBA article after WWE please do not abuse if you hate the article. Thank You.

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