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At 6:30 AM

We are live in Chicago now. The show begins with General Manager Daniel Bryan as soon as he came in ring the YES! YES! YES! chants started by WWE Universe. Meanwhile commentary announce there will be a match between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

AT 6:33 AM

WWE Smackdown show the last show promo in which Dolph Ziggler shown leaving his title on floor and walk out alone. Daniel said he tried to contact Dolph but due to no respond he took his title back and create a tournament for a new WWE US Champion. Suddenly Benjamin came and ask for opportunity. WWE Universe chant for RUSEY DAY which bring Rusey And Aiden English come for the same. After this The New Day come where Kofi Kingston start sharing pancakes to WWE universe.

AT 6:44 AM

Daniel Bryan fix a triple threat match that start as soon as Daniel leaves the ring. Smackdown Tag Team Champions the USOS arrive. After this we go for a commercial break.

AT 6:49 AM

Commercial ends and the match continue. We see the USOS in commentary section when Aiden try to pin Kofi Kingston. After this the highlight of the match become Rusey powerbomb to Gable and Kofi Kingston. When that don’t work Rusey try to make tap both Kofi And Gable which avoided by Benjamin. After that a segment start between Big E and Benjamin. A powerbomb to Big E by Gable and Benajamin let them pin successfully and help to win the match. By this Benjamin and Gable becomes no 1 contender for Smackdown Tag Team Match.


AT 7:01 AM

Shane McMahon shown talking to Daniel Bryan and talk about some events of last show. He also questions Daniel why he fixes a match between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. In reply Daniel said AJ Styles and Kevin Owen have been heated rival all 2017. So, for the end of year he fixes the match. Shane McMahon agree with Daniel statement and third commercial of the night start.

AT 7:09 AM

Fandango shown in ring waiting for his component which are The Burgeon Brothers. All four-start fighting each other breaking every possible rule. Somehow referee bring everything at normal. When the Burgeon, Brothers were about to win the match some wrestler interrupt the match and stop it immediately

AT 7:15 AM

The 8 days ago RAW promo shown where Stephanie McMahon announce first ever Women Royal Rumble match.

AT 7:18 AM

Ruby Riott enters the ring after her entrance Naomi her competitor enters the match. Before match start last month smackdown events are shown in which Naomi get beats badly and hospitalized. Within a minute after the match start Ruby Riott win the match by distracting Naomi and hitting a kick on her face. After match all of them keep kicking which calls out Charlotte Flair. But she fails to stop them so Nia Jax, Natalya, Carmella came to help Charlotte which make Riott run away.


AT 7:26 AM

The phenomenal AJ Styles talks about tonight match with Kevin Owens. WWE Universe chants for AJ Styles. After this WWE thank to WWE Universe for 20 Million subscribers on YouTube in a promo.

AT 7:28 AM

The Glorious One ROODE enters the ring and the fourth commercial appears. As the commercial end we see the match already started between Bobby Roode and. Meanwhile in match the trending hashtag appear which is #USTitle. At end by smartly pinning Bobby Roode win the match.

AT 7:40 AM

WWE Show first round promo for the US tournament featuring Jinder Mahal and Perfect 10 Tyle Dillinger. After commercial Singh brother announce Jinder Mahal as the next US Champion. Maharaja enters the ring in where carpet was already set up for the entrance. Jinder Mahal also point to US Title and give a message that he will try his best to win that title. The match begins and the fifth commercial show up.

AT 7:51 AM

The commercial ends up and the match continue. With a Khallas Jinder Mahal win the match. By this he advances to semi final round. Meanwhile in the match Jinder Mahal mouth start bleeding which indicates that it was a tough match. Before going for sixth commercial WWE show some promo related to Royal Rumble 2018. After that we see commercial ads.

AT 8:00 AM

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owen shown in backstage with Kevin holding Shompen. He says that he is going to celebrate his victory tonight after defending AJ Style. He also said that this is a private party in which no one from Chicago is invited. On the other hand, the viper Randy Orton shown and talk about Royal Rumble match.

AT 8:05 AM

The phenomenal AJ Styles enters the ring. To beat extraordinary AJ Kevin Owen enters with Sami Zayn. The match begins and the trend of #StylesvsOwens starts getting its position. AT 8:16 AM the seventh and maybe the last commercial shows up.

AT 8:20 AM

The commercial ends and the match continue. AT 8:28 because of Sami Zayn interruption Shane McMahon came out and try to get him off ring. While this Kevin takes advantage of this and pin AJ Styles to win the match.

Well this was the WWE SMACKDOWN 26 DEC 2017 Results and Last episode of the year 2017. And it was more excellent as compare to WWE RAW last episode.

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