RAW LIVE 18 DEC 2018.
RAW LIVE 18 DEC 2018.

Welcome to JioTorrent wrestling section. This article is the highlights of WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE 18 DEC 2018.

#1 Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble Thing

As decided by WWE Brock Lesnar appear on Monday Night Raw as soon as the last PPV of the year take place. In the show Kurt Angle announce that Brock is already arrive in on Raw but Kurt interfere by both Kane and Braun.

Both Kane and Braun Strowman were wanted to battle Brock at Royal Rumble meanwhile Paul Heyman appears. Ladies and Gentleman Your not going to have that discussion without input of the title holder. After this he announce Brock Lesnar saying as always and Brock enters the ring.

Before Brock say anything Kurt announce there will be triple threat match. At Royal Rumble a triple threat match is fix between Brock Lesnar, Kane And Braun Strowman.

After Braun attack Brock and Kane but Brock throw Braun out of ring and give F5 to Kane.

#2 Samoa Joe Vs Seth Rollins

Its been more than two week Jordan is asking Kurt for a match with Samoa Joe. During Raw a Segment happen between Samoa Joe,Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan. Who ever will win today’s match will face Samoa Joe.

Then a match between Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan take place in which Set Rollins win the match.

#3 Handicap Match Finn Balor Vs The Miztourage

A handicap match between Finn Balor and The Miztourage take place on Raw. During match Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel also enter the ring. at the end by Disqualified Finn Balor win the match.

#4 Hideo Itami and Finn Balor Vs Dallas And Axel

After the match Itami music start and Itami enter in ring in support to Finn Balor. As he enter a tag team match start with Hideo Itami Balor Vs Dallas and Axel. At last Hideo Itami give a GTS to Axel and win the match.

#5 No 1 Contender For Cruiser weight Champion 

A match between Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander appear on Raw for No 1 contender to Cruiser Weight Championship. Here Enzo join the commentary section.

At end Curtis Alexander win and become no 1 contender for Cruiserweight Champion.

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