WWE Results Clash of Champions 2017

WWE Results Clash of Champions 2017

WWE Results : WWE Clash of Champions
WWE Results : WWE Clash of Champions

Hello Readers. Welcome to jiotorrent the official website of WWE Network 2017. We are live now and the last PPV of the year is too. Here is the WWE Results Clash of Champion 2017. I prefer short and simple result so I will not go deep when the event is live. so lets start our article WWE Results Clash of Champions

At 6:30 AM

WWE Clash of champions went live. The first match is single match between Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder in which Mojo Def Zack Ryder.

At 6: 36.55 AM

In the second match of WWE US Championship which is between Dolph Ziggler defeated Baron Corbin (c) and Bobby Roode Dolph Ziggler steal the show and win the title of US Championship.

At 6:49 AM

Third match is live between The USO (Jey and Jimmy USO) (c) vs. The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) (with Xavier Woods) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable vs. Rusey and Aiden English. This is a Fatal four-way tag team match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

At 7:19 AM

The USO’s double kick and a flying tackle make it easy to win the title. Again WWE Samckdown Tag Team Champions are USO’s.

At 7:21 AM

The next match is Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Natalya. Before match WWE show some events happen a week or two before on Smackdown.

At 7:30 AM

The match begin with Charlotte Flair and Natalya.

At 7:41 AM

Charlotte defend her title from Natalya and still the Women Champion of Smackdown.

At 7:48 AM

Singh brothers state that Jinder Mahal is all ready to defeat AJ Styles. They are 100 percent sure that today Jinder Mahal will be two times WWE Champion.

At 7:50 AM

With Fandango music fandango and Tyler Breeze make their entrance to Clash of Champion ring. Meanwhile WWE introduce with all of their commentaries from all over the world.

At 7.52 AM

WWE Bludgeon Brothers enter the ring and begin their match with Fandango and Tyler Breeze. At 7;56 AM Bludgeon Brothers give a super bomb similar to The Shield to Fandango and win the match. Before exit they give a massage to WWE Universe that they are the future of WWE.

At 7.54 AM

Kevin Owen and Sami Zayn are shown giving a interview to WWE about their today’s match. But they remain silent on the question if they lost they will be fire on WWE.

At 8.00 AM

Some of the recent event that happen in both RAW and Smackdown from Kevin and Sami. They also show how Daniel Bryan give both of them a second chance. If Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn loose their Clash of Champion match they will be fire on WWE. The guest referee is Daniel Bryan in this match

At 8:06 AM

With here comes the money Shane McMahon enter the ring with referee uniform. Later the YES YES YES chants start as the spacial guest referee enter the ring which is Daniel Bryan. First Shinsuke Nakamura then The Viper Randy Orton enter in ring. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens enter the ring simultaneously.

At 8:13 AM

All superstars are in ring and the match is just about to begin. The match begin with Sami and Randy with Shane and Daniel. At first pin it seem like their is a issue is going to happen between Daniel and Shane as both are going against each other. After that Randy pass and Shinsuke enter the ring. Meanwhile in the match Kevin Owen enter in ring by passing himself. The same way Randy enters.

At 8:19 AM

During the match Kevin from nowhere attack Randy but that is not enough to beat then he argue with Shane. At 8:27 a second argument happen between Shane and Daniel.

At 8:32 AM

When both team were out of ring Kevin Owen and Sami Zayn put Shinsuke on commentaries table and jumps on him to break him down. In the same time Randy Orton gives an RKO to Sami Zayn in ring. Randy was about to pin when Daniel fall on Shane and argue with hm. Meanwhile Randy give a RKO to Kevin Owens.

At 8:35 AM

Sami Zayn pins Randy Orton which Shane tries to avoid but fail.

At 8:41 AM

The biggest match of last PPV which is Jinder Mahal Vs AJ Styles. Before match the segment between champion vs former champion is shown. Both Jinder and AJ explain why they deserves the championship. Both of them seem confident and now it will be seen who give his best just a moment later.

At 8;45 AM

Jinder The Maharaja Mahal enter the ring with Singh brothers and his theme song Shera. When he enter the ring there was a mat like in kingdom showing that the Maharaja is entering his kingdom. At 8:47 AM The Phenomenal AJ Styles and WWE Champion enter the ring. At 8;49 announcer begin introducing first Jinder Mahal and later WWE Champion AJ Styles. At this WWE Universe cheers for AJ and boo to Jinder Mahal.

At 8:53 AM

Till now Jinder already injure his left leg. But somehow he recover from his pain and try to get control on his match. At 8;57 AM Jinder fully get control on his match and throw AJ on commentaries table.

At 9:01 AM

Till 9:00 AM everything was in control of Jinder Mahal but a kick on neck loose his control from match. But with the help of Singh Brothers he recover again and try his first attempt to pin AJ which fail. Again after that Jinder start breaking down AJ styles from every angle. At 9:04 AJ start getting control over the match and attempt his first pin which also fail. At 9:07 AM after getting a lot of smash from Maharaja AJ styles attempt a second pin which also fail. After this Jinder also try his second attempt that fail too.

At 9:09 AM

A kick on face Jinder Attempt 3rd Pin which somehow fail too. AJ do not want to loose his title and trying his best. At 9:11 when AJ Style attempt his 3rd Pin Singh brother interfere hence AJ attack both Singh Brothers but that distract him from match. Jinder give Khallas to AJ and try his 4th Pin which fail.

At 9;13 AM

AJ lock Maharaja leg and make him tap out and win the show. AJ Styles is still the WWE Champion. At this the show ends.

Hope you enjoy the show. Please share your opinion on WWE Results Clash of Champions 2017.

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