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BN17: How to stop procrastination: S. J. Scott

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What is procrastination and why is it dangerous?

We can be a servant to Procrastination and wait until the last minute because we don’t like the task, or it’s too challenging, or we are afraid of consequences and negative results. In a nutshell, procrastination is a habit of delaying something, especially when it needs to be done urgently. But it’s not just a simple bad habit, it always has a negative impact on your life. And when it comes to your health, procrastination can even be life-threatening.

Here’s how it can happen. Once the author’s father felt pain in his chest but decided to postpone his visit to a doctor. He then changed his mind and went to a hospital to find out he needed urgent surgery. A surgery that wouldn’t wait a couple of days and eventually saved his life. If he would have delayed his visit, he wouldn’t have survived.

But it’s not only about health. It can also be an obstacle to achieving your main life goals. To overcome it in your life completely, you should develop an anti-procrastination habit. This book will guide you step by step on how to build this habit, but it needs some significant effort on your part. Dedicate time, not only to read the material but also to do the exercises and practice routines.

The author became interested in learning more about procrastination once he noticed how unproductive he was in his day-to-day life. Though he was able to set and achieve long-term goals, his basic daily to-do list suffered. He always postponed simple tasks, like paying taxes on time, to the someday-list.

Until this habit hit his wallet, badly. One year, he forgot to file an extension on his business taxes and had to pay over $2,000 in fines. This incident proves that some habits cost too much to keep them.

This expensive mistake prompted the author to come up with a planning system that allows accomplishing long-term and short-term tasks on time.

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