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A relationship is not about who each of you is separately; it’s about what happens when you come together

Although love may be a natural instinct, dating isn’t; no human was born knowing how to choose the right partner. Intentional love is Logan philosophy for creating healthy relationships. It helps you see your life as a series of choices rather than accidents.

A lasting relationship is the culmination of a series of decisions, including when to get out there, whom to date, how to end it with the wrong person, when to settle down with the right one, and everything in between. Make good decisions, and you propel yourself toward a great love story. Make bad ones, and you veer off course, doomed to repeat the same harmful patterns over and over.

Finding someone can be hard, but the harder part is the daily work you put in to grow and sustain a great relationship.

Logan Ury

This summary will help you stay informed and purposeful in acknowledging your bad habits, adjusting your dating techniques, and approaching crucial relationship conversations. It also offers you solutions to some of life’s most challenging dating decisions.

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