W e characterize porn addiction as a phenomenon of the brain marked by compulsive use of pornography which proves difficult to stop despite negative consequences, and which often worsens over time.

To date, the American psychological community has yet to officially recognize porn addiction as a disorder. However, a building body of scientific evidence and thousands of personal stories from our community leads us to conclude that the unprecedented availability of pornography in the era of the Internet has resulted in an undeniable problem, one that is destructive to individuals and, consequently, society as a whole. This problem has come to be called “porn addiction” by many, including those of us in the community here at NoFap®.

Our understanding of porn addiction is largely compiled from analysis of our surveys and the thousands of personal stories our users have posted to our forums, as well as reports gathered from other porn recovery websites. We bring to bear as much current brain science as we can to this body of anecdotal evidence. One of the main goals of NoFap is to increase interest in the topic of porn addiction in order to spur further scientific study, which will in turn deepen our understanding of porn addiction. Until the scientific community fully validates or corrects the claims made by our users, we acknowledge that our claims are not popularly held.

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