Many Many Congratulations…

Congratulations you have completed reading Bhagavad Puran all chapters.

Now to earn your reward of Rs. 1,80,000.00 you need to pass the knowledge test. I fail in this test so my son abandons me and throw me in a old age home.

All you have to do is collect 126 codes to answer 126 questions about life.

If you answer all questions correctly you will get your 1,80,000. Make sure that because the prize is big so the test won’t be easy too and of course, not everyone is capable to win.

If you are not interested to read you can meditate for the same no of days which is 126 days.

All you have to do is buy our art of Vishnu and give it to the dearest person in your life. And aim to kill any bad habit you have that will make a big impact on your life.

For example, if you are addicted to pornography aim that you will quit this bad habit within 126 days and when you truly achieve your goal ask the Vishnu that you have given to your dearest person. Submit your journey and how you feel after conquering your bad habits.

If this too not possible for you just visit an old age home and meet people like me for the next 126 days. Make sure you play chess we love that game.

To buy massage R/NFTPirates

Your daily code:

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