Nice girls dont get corner office Luice P Frankel

Understand that the workplace is a game, and you must master how to play it. In each game, there are winners and losers. A workplace is a place where the rules also change across departments and organizations.

Do not play safe, rather play smart. Play the game within the rules, but play at the edges. Look around you; those flying high in their careers did not get there by hard work, rather by their character and the decision maker’s confidence in their ability to get the job done — carry out your tasks in a way that promotes collegial team relationships. Stick strictly to your work hours.

Yes, you have a responsibility to ensure the delivery of high-quality work, but this is not your responsibility alone. Do not take responsibility for the work of others. This is self-defeating behavior.

You will find two kinds of people in the workplace: the achievers and the careerists. Careerists spend plenty of time tending to their careers. Achievers are those who get down and get the job done. To get ahead, be a little of both. Stop volunteering for low-impact, low-profile assignments.

Do not work non-stop to crank out a project. If you do this, you will damage your health, and your performance will take a hit. Always create time to get out of your desk and stretch once every 90 minutes.

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