The lion’s share of Amazon’s success comprises its approach to choosing people. The company’s hiring culture encourages employers to onboard people whom they admire. To understand whether a person is suitable for the position, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s owner, recommends asking oneself about the admirability of the potential employee, whether they could increase the performance of the team and what superpower they have.

By paying attention to the customers’ needs, the platform earns more and more trust while expanding the variety of assets that one may purchase. As for the year 2000, Bezos announced several goals:

1. Increase and bolster connection with consumers. The task was not only to attract more customers but also to make their experience satisfying enough for them to return.

2. Service and assets growth. To encourage their customers to use Amazon more often, the company added more products to have all they want in one place. Such an approach also helped to reduce the expenditures on advertising since the clients would see new products every time they come for a specific one.

3. Work improvement. Amazon aimed to advance constantly. The company worked on delivering faster and strengthening the brand.

4. Development on the international level. The company planned on strengthening its stores in Germany and the UK. It also forecasted service provision to more than 150 countries around the globe.

5. Partnership program elaboration. Bezos planned to gain more partners who sell the products that might be interesting to Amazon customers. The partnership not only allows faster expansion but also helps other businesses to flourish with Amazon’s support.

6. Ensure profitability in all Amazon businesses. Bezos planned to improve cooperation with suppliers and boost the management of capital.

Reading Invent & Wander: The Collected Writings of Jeff Bezos will help you understand how Bezos managed to develop such a huge online platform. He shared his motivation, reasoning, and goals which made Amazon as it is nowadays, and his valuable insights will assist in creating and expanding your business. You will look at the world through the mind of a highly successful person who handles international business.

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