Learning from the past helps us to notice clear warning signs of horrors that we should fight against today

One of the most challenging tasks the American founding fathers had to carry out was designing a democratic constitution. To ensure they didn’t make the mistakes other democratic nations made, they had to take instructions from history. These fathers were able to study how ancient democracies fell into an oligarchy, and they were afraid that the democracy they desired to build might follow the same pattern.

With the warnings of political thinkers like Plato and Aristotle ringing in their heads about how inequality could make the nation unstable, America’s founding fathers realized they could become tyrants by exploiting human rights. So, the fathers had to put measures in place to avoid tyranny. Consequently, they created a democratic republic based on law and checks and balances.

Tyranny is a significant issue in political debates in the United States. Hence, as the American political order is at risk of being jeopardized, looking into history becomes highly imperative. Tyranny poses a threat to American politics; to fight it, we need to examine the histories of other democracies and republics.

This summary will expose you to 20 lessons you can learn from past political orders and how you can use those lessons to preserve your freedom in the uncertain years to come.

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