The 48 laws of power


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Everyone feels insecure from time to time. The moment you reveal yourself to the world and display your talents, you inherently stir up all kinds of resentment, jealousy, and further manifestations of insecurity. This is normal. You cannot spend your life bothering about the little emotions of others. Moreover, you don’t need everyone’s love and approval.

Thinking of power, what images come into your head? Is it a heavy-weight lifter in a gym or a wealthy white male in his late 70s? Or is it a young female leader protesting the patriarchy? Whatever imagine pops up in your head, it tells us that we always associate power with people who channel it into this world. You can be one of those people as you read through and start practicing the laws of power put forward by Robert Greene.

We are made to feel power over others; otherwise, we feel miserable and worthless.

In short and precise formulations, this summary can teach you to acquire more authority, manipulate people in the least harmful ways, and become successful with others helping you on your way to the top. You will also learn to gain respect from others effortlessly and develop a sense of moderation in everything you do.

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