STRAYS S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2021

STRAYS S01E06 Torrent Magnet 2021

Loser think: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America

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We all use our brains. But some of us have never learned how to think effectively. This is not about IQ or other measures of intelligence, which matter in their own way; it is about thinking as a learned skill. Thinking is not taught in schools, and the result is glaring in our everyday life. If you use social media, you’re probably seeing a lot of absurd and unproductive reasoning Scott Adams calls loser think.

Loserthink isn’t about being underinformed, and it isn’t about being dumb. Loserthink is about unproductive ways of thinking.

You can be well informed and smart while at the same time being a flagrant loserthinker. It is highly possible.

For instance, a trained engineer learns a certain way of thinking about the world that is different from how, a philosopher, a lawyer, or an economist thinks. Having any one of these skill sets puts you way ahead in understanding the world and thinking productively. But unless you sample the thinking techniques across different fields, you are missing a lot. This is not about the facts one learns in those disciplines. It is about the techniques of thinking that students of these fields pick up during the learning process.

The good thing is you do not need to master the fields of engineering, economics, philosophy, science, law, or any other field to learn the basics of how to think the way experts in those areas think.

Loserthink will help you become acquainted with the most productive thinking techniques borrowed from multiple domains. Learning how to think productively does not come naturally to any of us. But it is easy to learn. You simply have to be exposed to the techniques, and you’ll likely remember them for the rest of your life. The techniques are simple to understand and easy to master. This summary will set your brain filters to recognize loserthink wherever you encounter it, in others, and in yourself.

Did you know? If you have been exposed to the thinking styles of only a few disciplines, you will have large gaps in your ability to think about the world productively.

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