My sister is going to move to Australia with her fiance when the pandemic is over. Family is broken because of it.

They’re are a lot of parties at play here. They’re 4 siblings including myself (Camilia 28F, Paul 30M, Randy 30M and myself). Camilia is my half sister. Same dad with a different mom. And Camila’s boyfriend is Trace 28M.

Trace and Randy met when they were stationed over seas. Trace was part of the Australian Millitary and really became good friends with my brother and a few other people in his squad. Trace met Cam when he flew out for Randy’s wedding in 2017. Randy introduced them to each other. They hit it off and started a relationship. He moved to Boston to be with my sister and really start to have a proper relationship once he left the army. And that’s pretty much the backstory. They’ve been together for 4 years now and are engaged.

My sister broke the news to my parents that she and Trace were thinking about leaving and moving to Australia when the pandemic is over. The main selling point being better access to college education and healthcare. Because they want to start having kids in the near future. This didn’t go over well with my parents and now Paul has stuck his nose into it.

It started a big fight between my parents and Camila. The main arguments being they don’t want to be half a world away from any grand children. There’s no Latino community in Australia seeing that Camilla is mixed raced. They don’t want their daughter leaving. And then it came to blaming Trace for taking her away from them and their grand children that aren’t even here yet. But Camilia is adamant that it was her that brought the idea up to him. She thinks it will be a better value of life than we currently have here. My dad is fixated on China attacking Australia and how it won’t be safe. Saying how she’ll have no freedom there with how their government operates. Paul tried to fight Trace. He punched Trace and trace wasn’t really defending himself telling him to calm down. It’s a mess.

It’s ended up with my parents, Paul and Camilia not talking to each other. Camilia wanted nothing to do with any family nights. She wants nothing to do with Thanks Giving, Christmas etc. And she’d made up her mind that they are moving when they’re able too. Randy is standing with Camilia.

I’m just wondering if there’s any way to repair the damage that is done. Because I feel like I can’t talk to one member of the family without the other member being mad at me at the moment.

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