I think my good friend is trying to cheat on his wife WITH ME.

I’ll keep this as short as possible without eliminating any important details.

I have a good friend “Andy”. We’ve been friends for over 10 years, we met as freshmen. Over the years we’ve been pretty close. Never flirting or anything like that. Venting, sharing memes, telling stories. I have never been attracted to him or even thought about seeing him that way.

Last summer, Andy got married. He had only been dating the girl for about 6 months, and they got married really fast because she got pregnant. I wanted to be respectful, and i asked if his wife minded that we were friends. He told me she didn’t care because they trusted eachother, and she had her own guy friends.

Over the last couple months, Andy has been hitting on me consistently. He’ll send me flirty texts and memes. He randomly told me one day he wanted sex. I told him “go ask your wife”. He told me he was tired of being tied down and wanted to experience someone else. I didn’t reply.

Andy knows that I’m also in a long term relationship. I’ve been cheated on before, so i would never cheat, OR be the person someone cheats with. Andy knows that. He knows my take on cheating but he still does this.

It started when we both attended our friend “Sarah”’s wedding. Andy’s wife wasn’t there, and he was following me around all night telling me how good i looked and how he wishes we would have hooked up in the past. I told him that was inappropriate, and he just laughed.

Sarah thought it was weird and wrong, and suggested telling the wife. I feel like that’s the right thing to do, but nobody knows anything about her. She’s not from around here, doesn’t have social media, and he never posts about her using her name. The only reason i know she’s real is because he’s posted pictures of the two of them.

Even though I’m not engaging in Andy’s behavior, i feel so wrong even talking to him as a friend anymore.

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