I am breaking up with my fiancée after 6 years

We have been living together for almost 5 years. We moved 4000km from our home together to a new city; I will still be living here, she will move back. We have pets, of which I will keep one, she will keep the other 2; I will miss them dearly. She is a sweet, loving person. But it just is not going to work.

I am very sad. In fact, right now, I am actually just emotionally dead and can’t really express myself. We have talked several times over the last 2 years about us breaking up, and finally today we realized that we can’t keep this up. We both have different desires and needs and the relationship is not working. We have tried councilling. We have tried therapy. It’s time to let go, but it is very hard. I love her, but I also realize I am unhappy with many aspects of our relationship.

The break up has been pushed back many times due to the logistics of us moving out too. I am happy she is deciding to just pack up and go. She will take the car, but it’s honestly a fair trade. Previously, we didn’t have the money to really survive her moving out, but finances are a lot more secure now so it’s possible. We were actually going to buy a house, but again, our goals are very different.

This isn’t a spicy story, or anything dramatic. I just need to hear some words of encouragement or something. I am almost alone in this city that has been quarantined for almost 2 years. I am scared. I am already lonely, and she doesn’t leave until sunday. This being said, I am excited to be able to meet new people and be single for basically the first time in my 20s since I was 22. I am excited to make friends and not worry about coming home to a depressed partner. I am excited to spend time on my projects, and make friends in doing so (which truthfully, has been very difficult for both of us to be so isolated).

I hope we are making the right decision.

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