The Cracker

Alone at night you lay and sleep, the creeker is out watching and waiting, you wake to the sounds of creaking, you shrug it off as the sounds of the night, the creeker is closer than the morning light, while you sleep you feel safe, As the creeker watches and waits for you to rest.

School is over with holidays prevailing; all of the neighbourhood kids were happy and cheerful. This particular summer still casts a long and dark shadow over this town and haunts me to this very day, this is how I lost my friends and younger brother. I was sixteen at the time and my brother was eleven, our family had bounced around most of our early lives usually moving each year for our fathers work. He was a technician who worked for a large broadcasting company, although the name still slips my memory.

After years of moving, we settled in a town called West Lakes, I remember it being a real quiet town that was secluded from the other towns and suburbs it was a rural area and a two hour drive to the nearest city. The town was surrounded by dense woods, only roads left any opening through them. My brother and I quickly became friends with a few of the kids in the town. The school was small, but I enjoyed it everyone was very close knit much like the town.

The last summer I spent there started as an enjoyable one. We played amongst ourselves often hiding out in the woods where we found an old cabin which we spent most of our time in. One morning my brother and I went to spend the day with some friends out in the woods, we planned to go fishing by the lake and exploring, typical adolescent like activities. But the day wouldnt play out that way.

After arriving my brother offered to go collect firewood, which was nothing out of the ordinary, but I still regret this decision I just wish I had went with him, then maybe this story wouldnt be told. Joey my brother left the cabin taking his backpack with him, twenty minutes had passed and thought it was a little strange that I couldnt hear him outside nor that he wasnt back, I mean collecting firewood never took him too long. Although unknown to me Joey had met The Creeker.

I went to look for him after thirty minutes. After leaving the cabin I noticed he was nowhere in sight. Now to those listening this might not seem like a strange thing, but Joey was a rather scared and easily intimidated kid he would never stray too far from others, especially in a place such as the woods. I assumed he met up with some of our friends who were meeting us here, as I couldnt see any other reason for him to be away from the cabin, but none the less I went and searched for him.

After about fifteen minutes of searching, I began to worry, I called out to joey a few times, all of which went unanswered. I began to jog further into the woods calling out louder and louder hoping Joeys tiny voice might answer it. I was getting close to the lake which was about a good mile and a half from the cabin, I was unsure if I was even going the right way, if I had passed him or something has happened.

I arrived at the lake, I was now scared for Joey, out of worry I clenched my fist and screamed JOEY! Nearly a second after I finished screaming I was met with Hey whats wrong Daniel. It was that unmistakable tiny voice, it was Joey. I spun around to see Joey standing near the edge of the lake, his body was facing away from the bank towards a denser build-up of trees and foliage He only had his head turned to me with a strange tilt.

Jesus Joey what are you doing out here. I asked

Mr Creeker was showing me where the best firewood was. Joey replied.

Whowhos Mr Creeker Joey. I asked whilst glancing around.

Hes my friend.

I was very alarmed at this point, Joey speaking with a monotone voice having none of his usual childish hicks in his speech.

Well, where is your friend Joey? I asked.

Joey stared at me for a good fifteen seconds, he still hasnt moved nor adjusted his body to face me. He gives a brief smirk, then points in front of himself towards the tree line I couldnt see anyone from where I was standing, I called to Joey to come here but he didnt appear to hear me. I walked towards him keeping my eyes locked on the tree line.

After a mere couple of steps, I saw what Joey had been looking at, and to this day the image of what I can only assume was a demon has been seared into my mind. A pale tree maybe a metre in width was just in front of Joey, I walked closer and saw that it had been standing beside the tree just outside of my line of sight. This was Mr Creeker. Now I understand if at this part of my story you dont believe me, and I dont blame you my family and the police denied my account and Ive been labelled as a psycho and a liar by my friends parents, but I assure you that this is real. Mr creeker was around eight feet tall; it was skinnier than myself and Joey who were fairly skinny for our ages. It had sunken pitch black eyes that appeared as empty eye sockets, the skin was a light grey and looked rubbery and stretched. There was no hair on it besides little patches of white hair across the upper arms and neck. The mouth was sown shut with thick black string that looked damp, some of the string was dripping blood and its lips had a tinge of red stained across them.

The creature was hunched forward with a large smile. It never once acknowledged that I was even there. It was just staring at Joey and despite its lack of facial features I understood that it was looking at him with lust. Im frozen with fear unsure of what to do, I try to coax Joey towards me, but he doesnt acknowledge any of my gestures. My minds racing, the air was so tense and tight although Joey and what I can assume is Mr Creeker just stood still. I could feel the creatures intent it was latching onto me, every sense telling me to leave my brother and get out of there. But I couldnt even if I wanted to leave him my heart was telling me that if I moved death would follow.

After what felt like an eternity Joey broke the stillness, he began walking towards the creature, I still couldnt force myself to move, with each step he took my body slowly shifted forward in a desperate struggle to move. I didnt know if I wanted to run for Joey or away as fast as I can. Joey was maybe a metre or two away from the creature when it finally moved, stretching its arm towards him. I hadnt noticed that its arms were touching the ground, both arms were around six feet in length with long bony fingers, it stretch its arm patting Joey on his head and stroking his hair.

At this moment the adrenaline was greater than my fear, I rushed towards Joey with the intention of grabbing him and running, but after my first step I blinked, the next moment there was no one in front of me. No sign of Joey or the creature, as I looked around the tree line I felt a sharp and intense pain in the back of my head like a magnifying glass was being shone upon it. I turned around to see that my brother and the creature were in the lake about ten metres from the bank. I was shocked how something like that could move without making a sound no splashing, no ripples in the water, no feet marks near the bank, nothing. At this point I thought it must have been a dream, something so inhuman and impossible just occurred before my eyes.

The water was around its upper chest, the water was around six feet deep from where it was standing. It was holding Joey by the head with its hand wrapping around the back of his head, Joey appeared to be unconscious, it was holding him just out of the water with his feet nearly touching the surface. The creature changed its focus from Joey to me but looked at me with a grin. I locked eyes with it, and it just continued to smile, with grin reaching from one side of it head to the other.

Let him go! I finally said. The creatures smile disappeared and tilted its head without losing eye contact. I had the thought that Its studying me. This went on for a minute or two it just continued staring at me with its head tilted, occasionally switching sides, all while it continued to hold my brother by the head. It straitened it head and smiled again, I was confused, its mannerisms seemed so unnatural with no rhyme or reason to them. It quickly glanced at my brother, then back to me, in one swift motion it plunged him underwater all while looking at me. I took two quick steps towards the water about to jump in and swim to him. It raised Joey back above the water as I was about to jump, it tilted its head with curiosity, then surprised me by asking What does this boy mean to you. In a very quiet and raspy voice. I didnt know what to do, the whole situation was just escalating. I decided that it would be best to reply Hes my brother. Yet again silence ensued.

Do you have other brothers? It asks after a long pause.

No… we dont. I replied.

Then who were those boys, playing with your brother? It asks while tilting its head to the other side.

There friends I reply with my voice trembling.

I was confused, had my brother met up with our friends, maybe they saw this thing and went to get help. A faint feeling of hope came over me, and I prayed they would be quick, now I just aimed to delay this as long as I could and hope it doesnt do anything with my brother. Where are they now? I asked.

As soon as I finished my question a large smile cut across its face. You mean these friends. It then stretched out its skinny arm, pointing with its pencil thin fingers at the water in front of itself. I looked at where he was pointing, I began seeing a light red ripple in the water like pouring cordial into a glass of water. I looked back up at the creature confused, it nodded its head gesturing back at the water, looking back I could see a faint white object just under the water floating closer to the surface. It looked like a ball with hair, just bobbing under water it spun slowly until I saw, an ear, the object spun until I realised its Mathew.

His head was severed, but not cleanly the lower part of his neck was torn and had clear scratch marks, I was horrified his head was now clearly in view, one of his eyes were gouged out and the other was all looking upwards, blue patches and bruises could be seen on his cheeks and forehead. A loud plopping sound could be heard and all around the lake, body parts were emerging, the water was completely red no longer its light green, the bank was rushing in thick red water staining the light brown bank. Arm, legs, torsos everything was appearing, all of our friends had been slaughtered with mortified looks on their faces. I threw up, I couldnt possibly hold it, I dropped to my knees gaging and choking trying to force it up.

I was more in shock at this point, nothing felt real. I was half sure it was a dream, I looked up to see the creature closer than before slowly edging its way towards me whenever I blinked or looked elsewhere, it was maybe three metres away from the bank.

What do you want? I struggled to ask.

A feast. It replied charismatically.

What do you mean. I ask.

You see this is all a game to me, I need to eat but one child every few years. I love the thrill. A game with no consequence, no chance of failure, I can hunt with no fear of being wounded or attacked. That is what I live for.

I was anxious he continued to edge closer to me as he spoke. Now for the final act. You or your brother? It asks

Wh what do you mean. I mumbled. My lips were quivering as I choked back tears.

Only one of you are leaving here alive. And its your choice. It replied, now a metre from the bank.

What do you mean my choice. I cried; I had an idea of what it was implying.

You will decide who dies. You or your brother. It says we slight agitation.

But. In that moment it appeared right before me, its face right in front of mine.

There is no but. You or your brother! It yells. Its breath smelt of what I can assume was the remains of my friends.

I paused for some time thinking over what just happened. When it started counting.


Wait, WAIT! I screamed



Three. Hes pulling his arm back, while his palm morphed changed into a mouth. His stare directed at me. I feared for my life, I was wailing with tears streaming down my face.

Joey, Joey. Take my brother Please! I yelled quickly.

Very well. It replied before chuckling.

It began walking backwards slowly entering the water before it and Joey vanished. I began screaming and crying, I couldnt hold it in, the fear and guilt rushed over me I was scared for my brother as even to this day I know I traded his life for mine, but I was selfish I feared for life more than my brothers. I regret that day, but I dont regret choosing my life over his, I hold regret for everything I couldve done, I could have gotten the firewood instead, I could have grabbed my brother the second I saw him. After screaming and crying for what felt like hours I collapsed and dreamt, my dream was me staring at the creature, just staring into its hollow eyes while it smiled back at me. I awoke hours later to a police officer waving a flashlight in my face, it was night-time, as I got to my feet I could feel the sand irritating the back of my head. The police officers took me to my parents, I was still slightly dazed as we were leaving but I could overhear some of the officers gasping and one of them beginning to vomit. Thats when I realized it wasnt a dream and that the nightmare was real.

I got questioned and explained everything as it happened, as you would expect no one believed me, the next couple of days were terrible the search for Joey continued and my parents mental state was declining, Dad was silent and very reserved and my Mother would have brief bursts of rage and would silently sob in her room. Four days after the incident early in the morning the doorbell rang, my father answered the door and let out a deafening scream, my mother and I ran to see what was wrong and to our disbelief there was an arm on our doorstep, bloody and severed from just below the shoulder. The hand was holding a note, while my parents were in a panic contacting the police in the other room I decided to read the note, it read. His screams were greater than the feast itself. See you in ten years Daniel.

I screamed and destroyed the note then and there tearing it to pieces and throwing it away, the police using the fingerprints confirmed it was Joeys arm. The investigation never found anything besides the remains of the boys in the lake and Joeys skeleton stuffed into a hollowed out tree months later. We moved a month later and I tried my best to forget about the incident, but here I am, today is the ten year anniversary of that day. Tears are now pooling on my desk. I can feel him staring at me. I can feel his breath hit the back of my neck Hes right behind me ready to finish his feast. I pray he isnt behind you as well.

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