Super Mario fans have something really cool to look forward to!

This is as wonderfully old school as it gets. Watch company Tag Heuer is going to release a limited edition Super Mario-themed watch and it is coming next week. Tag Heuer, known for its timepieces, smartwatches, and some other select accessories, has shared a teaser on Twitter regarding this new timepiece and is now accepting registrations from all Super Mario fans interested in securing a one for themselves.

Now, the teaser that Tag Heuer shared on Twitter doesn’t exactly show the watch. It’s a very bright colourful video, which you can check out below, but you don’t get to see the timepiece. You can enjoy the Super Mario audio track on loop though. So we don’t have any idea what this limited edition watch might look like. However, the companion website for the Super Mario watch gives us a look at the bright red watch case with the iconic Mario “M” logo on it.

While the tweet states that you can “power up” on July 13, which’s next week, the product registration website states that the watch is going to launch on July 15. There is also a countdown timer on the website as well that indicates that the launch is on July 15.

The registration on the website mentions that customers who register for the watch will get an “early drop” related to the product. There are no further details about this, however. But if you do register for this watch, you will be the first to know. This possibly just means that you will be alerted once the watch becomes available in your region. The website also has a map that shows the regions where the watch is going to be available so you can check it before you sign up. Unfortunately for us, India is not one of the places, yet, so you might want to ask someone else to pick it up for you if you are keen.

The watch is going to be available on the Tag Heuer website and in boutique stores. It is a limited edition watch though the company has not revealed exactly how many pieces are going to be available. Going by what Tag Heuer is known for, you can expect the Super Mario watch to be a premium watch with an expensive price tag making this a piece collectors and watch lovers who love the classic Nintendo would love to pick up.

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