What The Last Of Us Part 3 Story Could Be?

The Last Of Us Part 3 Updates: The Last of Us game is a story of Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl, Ellie across the post-apocalyptic United States. The Last of Us is a third-person perspective game where players use their firearms and customized weapons to take down wild creatures who have made the USA their hunting ground after being affected by a weird fungus within the genus Cordyceps.

Here, skill is really vital in each way and the game’s outstanding audio, wonderful graphics, and incredible gameplay really help you showcase them with style.

The Last of Us franchise recently gave us its second installation which was a bit of a disappointment as the key story points were leaked by an unknown source a month before the release of the game. If one would exclude that tragedy the game was superb and was loved by all fans who made it a success.

The Last Of Us Part 3 What It Means For Ellie

The game even won several Game of the Year awards so naturally, the director Neil Druckmann was approached with the task of creating the third part in the ongoing franchise. As a cherry on top, this series is also being adapted into a film by HBO Max due to its popularity and interesting storyline.

Recently, the creative director of the franchise conveyed to his fans that he had finished writing the story for the game’s third part but fans were surprised and anxious when he told us that he would withhold that information and since not even teasers of the story have been shared.

What we can do I speculate in what direction the story will be heading. Many believe that Ellie’s story should be focussed on in this part and that it would be an incredible move for this game to also figure out a way to make a cure after research is done on Ellie’s immunity which will end the series with a satisfying closure and the next parts can focus on other characters.

Well no matter how much we speculate the real fun begins when Naughty Dog decides to release the game and let me tell you we are more than waiting for that day.

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