The plot would have improved if, of course, if the player was fast enough

A YouTuber, Speclizer, encountered an interesting bug, or rather a loophole. In Sniper, which haunts the scene of The Last of Us Part 2, Abby is able to kill Tommy, only if, of course, the player is fast enough. Don’t you believe it? In the embedded video below, you can see the end of the awesome game for yourself! The section in question is at the beginning, so you just have to start it up.

The plot would have improved if, of course, the player was fast enough

In the scene in question, Abby and Manny pursue the mysterious attacker who shoots them with a sniper rifle. It later turns out that the attacker is actually Tommy, Joel’s desperate and vengeful brother. Then we can see the three characters trying to catch each other in Seattle Harbor. After a while, Abbys pursues Tommy, who in turn quickly pulls the shutter, creating a barrier between him and Abbys. At this point, if the player is smart enough, he can quickly crawl under the shutter, shoot Tommy and even deal with him.

While this is a good-looking or interesting “mistake” (its Abby and Burning Oil counterparts), it’s unlikely to be able to influence the outcome of the plot, plus Tommy is a key character to push the story forward, so perhaps attacking in the right scene. The Specialized video doesn’t show how events unfold, but it can be assumed that subsequent runs either won’t start or the game will reset itself once the player reaches the appropriate area.

The Last of Us Part 2 became one of the most successful video games of the past year, and recent research supports its popularity. In addition, the developers of Naughty Dog recently revealed the finely tuned technology that has made people’s eyes and enemy monsters frustratingly realistic in the game.

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