God Of War is Playable to PC on PS Now subscription

God Of War is Playable to PC on PS Now subscription

All that being said, PC ports of other PlayStation exclusive titles, including 2018’s God of War, could be on the way. On July 1, head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst announced that Sony had acquired Nixxes, a developer with years of experience in porting games to PC. Sony hasn’t announced what Nixxes will be working on, but as the saying goes, you get the right tool for the job.

While the possibility of playing God of War on PC is exciting, don’t expect the experience to be much better than what you’d get playing on console.

Playing God of War on PC by using PS Now is vastly different from playing a port of the game to PC. Players won’t have access to the myriad of graphics options that come with a full PC port and will need a solid, stable internet connection to stream the game, as well as a controller. Thankfully, any wired or wireless controller should do the trick.

The most recent PlayStation game to hit PCs was Days Gone, which was released on Steam with additional features like ultra-wide monitor support and an uncapped frame rate on May 18.

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