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If you have been wondering if the Dogecoin will actually go to the moon, you have an answer now, at least partially. A US-based YouTuber, Reid Williamson has managed to send a tangible version of a meme-cryptocurrency to space. The US-based YouTuber did this to mark the 50th birthday of Dogefather Elon Musk and confirmed the same through a tweet. To recall, Musk has previously talked about sending Dogecoin to the moon and has also announced a space mission that will be entirely funded by this cryptocurrency.

Elon Musk's Development Efforts Could Give Dogecoin A 'Value Floor,' Hopes Cardano Founder

Youtuber Reid Williamson managed to send a tangible version of a meme-cryptocurrency to space
Elon Musk’s Development Efforts Could Give Dogecoin A ‘Value Floor,’ Hopes Cardano Founder

The video posted on YouTube by Reid is called “I Sent A LITERAL Dogecoin To Space,” where he takes the viewers through the entire processing of sending the Dogecoin to the moon. The video documents all steps from purchasing a replica of the meme-coin, to weather balloons, GPS trackers, and helium gas tanks to power the balloon and everything else he did to send the Doge to the moon.

Reid and his friends set up the balloon with the Dogecoin securely fastened onto it and a camera attached to it. They launched this balloon into space. Video from the footage shows that the weather balloon stayed in space for a considerable amount of time. It later landed about 30 miles away from where it took off.

The video also shows Reid and his friends traveling to locate the ballon but, the Dogecoin replica was missing.

When Musk had first talked about sending Dogecoin to the moon, he was referring to its price. Telsa chief’s tweets gave Dogecoin global fame and helped its price to surge in the first half of this year. However, the entire crypto market, including Dogecoin, has seen multiple dips since then. Doge is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has seen few ups despite an overall dip but, the price hike is nowhere close to its earlier jumps.

Musk has also contributed to this volatility by calling Dogecoin a hustle during his Saturday Night Live appearance in early May.

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