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The third wave of Govt-19 infections is heading to the United Kingdom, where there are more than 10,000 cases of daily infections, said a government adviser to the country’s Joint Committee on Vaccines and Prevention.

Third wave is heading to the United Kingdom

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Adam Finn said the Covit-19 epidemic was “on the rise” and that a “third epidemic was definitely coming” in the country.

At the moment there is a race between the “vaccination program” and the expert considered providing a second dose (vaccine) and a third wave of delta variant (or from India) for the elderly, which accelerates infections.

Researcher at the University of Bristol is also studying whether to vaccinate children against Covit-19, although he agrees that this decision is not a “priority” because it is not approved.

“Although it has been decided to vaccinate children, it’s not appropriate to do so now, either here or anywhere else in Europe (…) because it’s sick adults, so vaccinating adults is now a priority,” Finn said.

In the United Kingdom, the number of infections in the last 24 hours was 10,476 and 111 deaths, according to the latest official data from the British Ministry of Health.

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