A woman was raped, tortured, and murdered in her OWN home

Last month, a woman named Saswati Jana, a 20-year-old honors nutrition student was raped, tortured, and murdered by construction workers in her own home in Midnapore, West Bengal, India. Elements on social media misused the news for political propaganda. Due to the false politicization given to the crime, it was marked as “fake news”, and never spread. People are denying that the horrible crime even took place, due to the lack of coverage. Why else would the brutal rape and murder of an innocent, young girl in her own home not make the national and even international news? This is a crime NOT common at all.

Woman and her cousin’s family wants the perpetrators to be tried in court and be held accountable for this heinous crime. Unfortunately, the crime has been completely swept under the rug by the media and hardly reported on. Without national and international pressure, justice in the country moves very slowly. They have been told that in order to get the justice we have to be vocal, gather public support, and get this news to the mainstream media. Her story should not be forgotten.

eShe, a women’s magazine, recently interviewed with her cousin: https://eshe.in/2021/06/06/jamna-midnapore-west-bengal-student-rape-murder-case/  I encourage you all to read it. It goes into detail about how the crime was planned, calculated, and likely executed out before. It also emphasizes that there was no political angle.

I hope the members here, as citizens of India, can help bring awareness to the issue. There is a large fear of justice not being served as well as the culprits committing this crime again.

We are using #JusticeForSaswati on social media to increase awareness and media coverage. Her cousin’s family in the US created a website for her since her family in India lacks a lot of resources. This way we can give her a voice as the perpetrators deprived her of that: http://justiceforsaswati.org/. There is a link to the petition there. Sign it and share it wherever you can.

They are very welcoming of any advice & tips on how to handle this situation. Support via solidarity is also welcome.

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