Mexico: A year without justice for Alexander; the minor was shot by elements of the municipal police

A year has passed since the young man’s murder of Alexander Martinez Gomez, who at 16 was shot by elements of the Municipal Police of Acatlán de Pérez Figueroa, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mexico: A year without justice for Alexander; the minor was shot by elements of the municipal police

Chandler ”, as he was known by family and friends, had the illusion of being a professional footballer, he did not make his debut on a professional field, how his teammates have achieved it, a dream truncated by a bullet that lodged in his head, product of the shots of an element of the municipal police.

In an interview with Humberto Padgett and broadcast with Ciro Gomez Leyva In Imagen Televisión, Mrs. Virginia Gómez assures before her son’s grave that it was decorated like a soccer field, that her son should be in a real field.

When I went yesterday to leave some flowers at the pantheon, the tomb was decorated like a soccer field, my son had to be on a real field, climbing his dream. “

Not only was “Chandler” denied feeling the grass under his feet and hearing the scream of the crowd as he jumped onto the field, but the young man has not so far had no justice.

Three hundred and sixty-five days have passed, after his mother went to the morgue to recognize him.

So far, only one of the five Mexico police officers involved has been prosecuted, but not sentenced, while the other four are still free, uniformed, and armed.

A year waiting for justice, we have demanded, nor have we had an answer, the only thing we have is a policeman who has not been tried. That justice is delivered, we have gathered evidence, there is plenty of evidence, that there are no more young dead, “said Doña Virginia Gómez.

With tears in her eyes, Chandler’s mother assured that the wound of going to pick up her son will never heal.

I will never forget the night that I went to pick up my son, that in a year the Prosecutor’s Office has not resolved us, and in a year, they have not given us their face. “

A year has passed and the Martínez Gómez family, only demand justice from the authorities that so far they do not respond to the calls that are made to them.

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