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Our Objective to Overthrow Rama’s Regime Basha

The incumbent chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha stated that the opposition’s number one objective is to overthrow the current regime. Basha, two days before the June 13 internal elections, spoke about the fear of the “disappearance” of the Democratic Party, if the citizens are not aware of the overturn of the Prime Minister Edi Rama’s government, which he calls the ‘Rama-Doshi regime’.

During the speech, the DP leader showed the vision for the future and stopped at the April 25 elections. He said that the will of the Albanians was distorted, he called for unity, to return the country to the citizens. “For us Democrats, this means first and foremost that this majority of Albanians should organize and start the battle by leading this battle for the number one objective that Albania may have today, the overthrow of the regime.

“For me, there is only one way, the way of the total battle against the one who has declared a total war on the Democratic Party, the Albanian democrats, Albania, and democracy”. Basha called on the Democrats not to doubt that April 25 “was an election massacre” and not a victory of Edi Rama.

“If we accept the second, then de facto we have violated the sacrifice of the Democrats and we have kicked everything we have built in four years and this is not the worst, the worst is that by accepting this we have legitimized the ways, forms of evil, corruption, crime, vanity, and we have paved the way for an endless night for Albania and Albanians.

I cannot accept this, I cannot accept to step on the sacrifice of Democrats. I cannot accept to treat Edi Rama as a normal political opponent at the moment that he has violated and destroyed the only mechanism that democracy has, the will of the majority”, stressed Basha.

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