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Samuel Jackson names his 5 favorite Samuel Jackson movies

Samuel Jackson names his 5 favorite Samuel Jackson movies
Samuel Jackson names his 5 favorite Samuel Jackson movies

It turns out that actor Samuel L. Jackson is just like us – he likes to watch Samuel L. Jackson movies too. On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, the host seemed convinced that some actors just can’t stand to watch their own movies, but Jackson had a different theory.

“Some actors lie to you about that. They watch their movies,” Jackson said. “It’s a ‘watch me’ business, that’s why we’re here. If I’m channel surfing and I haven’t found anything I want to watch, or not specifically looking for something, and I pass something I’m in, I stop and watch it.”

So once Colbert established that Jackson’s channel surfing sessions do sometimes lead him to watch his own stuff, Colbert took things one step further and asked Jackson to name his top five Samuel L. Jackson movies. And for a guy who has been in everything from the Star Wars franchise to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his list might not be what you quite expect. It goes as follows:

The Long Kiss Goodnight

A Time To Kill

Jackie Brown

Red Violin

One Eight Seven

And while you may be shocked that classics like Pulp FictionDo The Right ThingJurassic Park, and even Snakes On A Plane didn’t make Jackson’s list, it is interesting to note that all five movies he chose were released between the years 1996 and 1998 – clearly a memorable time for him in his career. And while they might not be the films you would expect, four out of the five do carry Fresh ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, with all of them having favorable audience scores. So his list is definitely legitimate.

And just for fun, when Jackson is not watching his own movies we also found out his top five films that aren’t blessed with his presence. And yes, there are actually five movies that he’s not in. And that list includes titles like The GodfatherHard Boiledand The Berlin FileSo in other words, Jackson just likes movies. And who can blame him?

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