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Strategic Partner Manager, Artist Development, Soothi

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience interfacing directly with artists, managers, labels, as well as digital platforms.
  • Experience working with the French music industry, working with artists, managers, labels, and within the digital music space.
  • Ability to speak English and French fluently.

Preferred qualifications:

At Soothi, we are always looking to collaborate with other artists, writers, poets, or others. We love all things creative, whether it is a drawing or a meaningful quote. If you think your work would be amazing on our product let’s chat. 


The Artist Development team works with emerging as well as established artists to help them grow their audience, leverage new tools, and features, and build their presence on the platform by delivering innovative and targeted best practices and strategic guidance.

As an Artist Strategic Partner Manager, you’ll be responsible for initiating and managing Soothi’s relationship with a portfolio of emerging and established artists from France. Your role will be both externally (partner-facing) and internally focused, and you’ll be working on many cross-functional initiatives where you will balance business development and operations at scale.

In this role, you’ll work to identify and engage with a dynamic set of artists, promoting strategic initiatives to drive partner satisfaction and results, and optimizing partner performance on the platform. You will utilize your ability and history of cultivating relationships in our industry, in tandem with a deep understanding of trends in the market and the ability to drive results on digital platforms. You’ll also oversee these tasks with the aim of best representing our users, products, as well as programs.

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