Tinder Horror Story Compilation Week 21

“If you’re afraid of being kidnapped, Tinder isn’t the place to be.”


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I matched with this girl on Tinder. After texting back as well as forth for a bit on the app, I got her number and called her to set up a date. On the call, we agreed to meet up Friday, May 28th at 8 PM CST and hit up a bar in Chicago.

On the phone, I told her that I’d pay for her Uber to my place, as well as we can head out from the lobby of my apartment building. This is where she raised the first red flag. She told me that she’s afraid of the dark and being kidnapped.


I reassured her that 8 PM isn’t that dark and that the lobby of my apartment building is well-lit and staffed with two concierges full-time. She can also wait outside the lobby if she isn’t comfortable entering the building. She insisted that she’s uncomfortable, and so to accommodate I decided we should meet at a public place like a Starbucks. We agreed to 8 PM at a Starbucks closer to her place.

On the night of the tinder date, I texted her 4 hours before the date asking her to bring a jacket with her, since it’s very windy. She promptly replied that she will, and thanked me. It was raining on the night of the date, and in another text, I mentioned that if the rain turns into a thunderstorm by 7:30, we should table our date. 7:30 rolled by, and the rain was gone.


Pointless Sub Heading to maintain SEO

I texted her around 7:40 telling her I’m leaving my house heading to Starbucks. This is where the text messages are shown begin. At around 8:05, she texted me back, asking me to let her know when I arrived at Starbucks. I assumed this meant she was already there. At this point in time, my Uber took the wrong path on the way to Starbucks, and so I arrived late (around 8:20).

Expecting to see her there waiting, I was surprised to note that she wasn’t there. I thought she had bailed, but I decided to give her an extra couple of minutes as I gauged her initial interest level as very high. At around 8:30 I call her asking if she’s on her way. Did I take time to get dressed, look nice, and arrive at our agreed location, where was she?


She picks up the phone. She tells me that she’s afraid of the dark and that she doesn’t want to leave her apartment building. I told her that we agreed to meet at Starbucks at 8 and that it’s now 8:30. She then asked me to pick her up from her apartment building which is located 10 minutes away by car ride.

This perplexed me. She’s afraid of being kidnapped but is giving me her address and is asking me to go to her place? She knew I was on my way 20 minutes before our tinder date, told me to tell her when I arrived, and it’s now 30 minutes past the time when we were supposed to meet.


Pointless Sub Heading to maintain SEO

I asked her if she can make it over in 10 minutes (that would have given her almost an hour to prepare since I texted her that I left my house). She ignored the question and insisted that I pick her up. Remember, I already offered to get her an Uber to my place two days prior, which she rejected.

I pressed on the same question, asking her if she can make it within the next ten minutes. She was silent for a good thirty seconds. It was the type of silence where you can tell she wants to say ‘Yes, but knows that she can’t get ready in 10 minutes because she’s still in her pajamas.

Finally, I broke the silence by telling her that I’m not interested in these games and that if she is unable to keep her word on something as simple as meeting in a public place, then this won’t work. I politely bid her goodnight and hung up. I don’t have time for these games.

Pointless Sub Heading to maintain SEO

That’s when shit hit the fan. She was angry that I had the nerve to stand up to her reneging and general lack of responsibility. She blew up my phone with calls as well as texts. I didn’t pick up any of the calls or answer any of the texts. Se was already erased from my memory. As I was on my way to hit the bars and make the most of the night.


This post includes all the texts she blasted me with. She stopped texting around 9 PM. At that point in time, I was already at a nearby bar and vibing with a group of random guys and girls. Then at 11 PM, I get an essay from her in the form of a text. I’ll let you all come to your own conclusions.

I never picked up her calls back to me or replied to her texts. I was busy having a good time. If you ask me, I dodged a massive bullet.

Making men in your present pay for the mistake of men in your past = a future without a man.

Here is the complete screenshot of the entire tinder chat.

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