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GF went out with this guy, it made me uncomfortable

GF went out with this guy, it made me (21 M) uncomfortable and I think this type of situations may happen in future

Sorry, the title may sound like I am uncomfortable but read the post, please.

My girlfriend and I were college-mates, were friends for three years, fell in love, and started dating a year ago. We are each other’s first and thinking long term.

She and I landed internships in different firms but in the same city. Living in the same apartment. She has always been a very shy, quiet girl and has a great deal of trouble saying no. I know this because we have been friends for many years and know each other very well. Due to this attitude, she kind of starts guilt-tripping over small things and starts people-pleasing.

This guy that’s doing his internship with her – had been asking her out for the past month. He asked 4-5 times, she shared this with me and she had straight up said no to that.

At first, I was like maybe that guy’s also new to this city so he might wanna hang out with some friends. But, I got to know he lives in the same city. There’s this thing – he didn’t ask his other friends to go out with him. He asked my GF’s friend (22 F) and they both went out one day. Same he’d been trying to do with my girlfriend.

A week ago I get a text from my GF that she’s out with her and go to a restaurant. Only two of them. I felt uncomfortable, I thought it was technically a date from his end. I told her my concern and she said it was getting hard to say no to him. He asked me 4-5 times and it felt rude to me.

Plus, he is nice and helps with internship stuff in the office with her. He doesn’t know about the relationship, she says I am gonna leave this city in a few months so there is no point telling him about my personal life. She does post stories/ pics with me on her Insta that make it apparent that we too are in a relationship, that guy is connected on IG with her.

I think this people-pleasing and hard to say attitude will bring these kinds of problems in the future. I trust her with my whole heart. But, I think she needs to take care of it. What can be done about this? What are your thoughts?

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