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My dog killed my neighbor’s cat

My dog killed my neighbor’s cat and I couldn’t care less Confession by Anthony Machine

My dog is super nice. Big 78lbs and has never hurt another animal before this but my neighbor’s cat pushed him to the edge and honestly the cat fuckin deserved it.

This cat would come onto my property and shit and piss on our front door and tear up my plants and on more than one occasion it attacked my dog ON MY PROPERTY. my dog got a scar on his nose from one attack and this cat has always gotten off Scot free. I talked to my neighbor to keep the cat inside because it was an inside-outside cat. But whenever my neighbor would go to work he would lea e his cat outside and this was the time I was home from work.

I used all the cat repellents and tricks to keep it off my property but this cat had a big old swinging dick. Thought it opened everything. It would even hiss at me whenever I tried getting in my car cause it would lay on the hood of my car and get pissed for even daring to get in my own car.

One day I was walking my dog and on my way back to my house I step onto my lawn and the cat fucking runs up on my dog and jumps him and starts hissing and clawing at him.

Lol, my dog just grabbed the cat’s head and bit down and cracked its head in half and my dog is not a savage let go as soon as he heard the crunch.

I got a black trash bag and put the cat in it and sat outside and waited for my neighbor to get home and tell him what happened.

He got home about 3 hours later but I didn’t wanna just leave his dead cat on his porch so. He got super pissed and tried to grab my dog and hit him. I ran back to my house and 20 minutes later the cops came and knocked on my door and I told the cops everything that happened.

I said the animal was on my property and attacked us and my dog was leashed and my dog was just protecting himself and showed the cops all the scars the cat has given him over time. Cops sided with me and told my neighbor that this is why it’s not safe for cats to be outside and that this is the kind of thing to expect.

Wasn’t good enough for him so he took me to small claims court and I won because I had another neighbor come in as a witness to what happened and she hated the cat too.

All you cat lovers might be butthurt but I’m glad the cats dead. It was a fuckin asshole and my dog doesn’t have to be scared to leave the house anymore.

Call the local shelters and SPCA to see if they have taken in a dog that matches your dog’s description from your area.

Go to where the dog would’ve last been and leave a piece of clothing that belongs to the owners there. In some cases, pets have found their owners scent and remained put at the clothing and then been found

Next door is way more helpful than Facebook for this. Post in the neighborhood group for where the dog went missing.

Contact the local animal control. Contact the local animal shelters. Post on Nextdoor if there is one for your area. Put up fliers. If you have a motion-sensing home camera system and don’t have coverage by your front door (or whatever door you usually let her out through), but one that covers it.

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