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Used to steal candy and drinks from sports fields

When I was about nine I and my old friend would steal from our local sports fields.

Story: My brother and my friend’s brother were on a sports team together and I and my friend would always go to the games. They had a concession stand where you could buy snacks and stuff. typical.

But on the side of the building, there was an unlocked door where they stored all of the food/drinks and I and my friend would go in there every week for over a year and take snacks.

We were never caught. I just feel bad because we weren’t financially struggling or anything. We just thought it was fun. we probably only took about 25 dollars of snacks, but should I go give them the money. I Don’t Know if it’s that big of a deal

People would probably invent sports.

They will turn everything into sports whether it’s sex or war or work.

Probably do the stuff that men who don’t play sports do. Exercise, video games, artistic or creative works meditation, etc.

To be honest, out of the guys I’m around any given day, the most aggressive ones are the ones that did play sports. Like that atmosphere actually fostered that mentality in a way.

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