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Made a whole social media base for fake people

Confession By Nate Macauley: I made a whole social media base for a fake person.

I have an entire social media base for someone who is not me. It’s a girl around my age, but prettier, better, more involved with everything, talented. She’s an aspiring model/actor, does a range of sports, and is a great person. She has an email which I use for everything.

Also has 7 cups account where I listen and counsel other people with mental health issues/other problems. She is signed to Howell Management with fake images and portfolios, all that I created. She has an Instagram I recently made (but am not active on it very much). Her mother also has an email account for parental permission.

I’m literally a different person on these accounts. And I feel terrible for creating a fake person. But everything is so in depth, and I’ve honestly used so much time on her. Which sucks. I’m trying to cut down on how much I use her accounts, but it’s kind of hard because she’s so perfect. Honestly, she’s who I wish I was.

It’s also scary how easy it is to create someone fake. Good lord, who knows, maybe the FBI is now going to track me down.

When I see low IQ political bullshit.

Baby pictures and complaining post.

Vaguebooking: A blend of vague and Facebooking, vaguebooking is the practice of making a post on social media, primarily Facebook, that is intentionally vague but highly personal and emotional.

Spreading False Narrative

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