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Lying to everyone about my financial status

I have been lying to everyone about my financial status Confession by Rochombo

I’ve been lying to my family, friends, and my girlfriend this past while about where exactly my financial standing is. As far as everyone is concerned I’ve got a savings account with my next month’s rent and bills, and I’m just making enough. Except for that isn’t the case. I haven’t even paid this month’s rent yet and I got a notice from the building manager saying I have to pay it by this Friday. I’m 600 dollars short. With absolutely no savings.

I’ve refrained from telling my family and asking for help, as my parents themselves just barely make ends meet, my grandfather has already paid for schooling for me(and not to mention the support he’s given the entire family our whole lives), and my girlfriend doesn’t work at the moment and wouldn’t be able to help in any way which would put her under a huge amount of stress.

Now here I am can’t pay electricity, water, internet, and rent. And I might just end up evicted out of my apartment this Friday…

Not much I can really do now except bite the bullet. The bullet that I loaded into the gun myself.

If anyone knows of some good places for people to crash in Vancouver (shelters or something) it would be much appreciated to be pointed in the right direction.

Wish me luck lol

Walk up to them in broad daylight, scream really loud about the lies they have been spreading, and deck them in the face.

Cry on social media about it.

Agree with them and expound on them.

Take it as an opportunity to observe those around you. See who believe it see who judges you for it and see who ask you about it directly. If someone with you move on from them. If someone judges you without confirming with you move on from them. If someone ask you about it directly tell them your truth and remember that person is someone worth keeping around.

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