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The Curse

There was a family living with a lot of chaos and internal problems. The family had a son, mother, grandfather, and great-grandmother. There was a virus that was infecting the entire world at a very devastating rate.

He was given a puppy named Noddy to take care of it for a month. It was a golden-retriever breed it was really cute and active. As days passed there were few conflicts that arose because of Noddy.

There was a “Mango plant” near the wash area of this boy’s house which was planted by his mother 3 years ago and she really took care of that plant. The plant was almost 30 cm in height which was very easy to get broken or plucked from the ground. Noddy used to play a lot in the soil and even sometimes dig up the soil around the other plants, one day his mother saw and warned him about the mango plant but, He didn’t consider it much.

One day Noddy broke the plant into 3 pieces by sleeping over it and digging up all the soil around it. Looking at it the boy was flabbergasted did not know how to react he was stunned for a moment thinking what his mom was gonna do to him.

He quietly cleaned the area and washed Noddy’s legs and took him inside and spread the sad news to his mother. As he told this she went out to see the plant in a rage, after seeing she started scolding her son and told him to do something, there was nothing that can save the plant now even though the silly boy tried to do something. He came up with a tape trying to attach and replant it.

I know this doesn’t make any sense even the boy knew but still he had to try. As he was trying his mother pushed the boy to the ground with such a force that the boy’s head was about to hit the ground.

Somehow they put tape to the plant and went inside, things started to feel different the atmosphere in the air was changing slowly.

The boy took Noddy to his room and was playing with her, went she suddenly hit her head. She shouted really badly for a few minutes. The boy felt really bad for what has happened it was due to his bad vibe which was build-up due to the incident with his mother.

He slept early that night for the first time in a while, he didn’t know that the next morning was gonna be even worse than today.

He woke up sulking and in a bad mood after a long time. He took Noddy to walk as she was walking and playing with me she went over a loose gate which she tried climbing to get over to the other side at this moment the gate fell over its leg hurting her very badly. Noddy shouted really loud and for a long time with the pain. The boy took her into his arms when people from his front and side houses came rushing to see what has happened to Noddy. Even in this Sad situation, there was a beauty, the street bog and her kids which used to stay in the street came rushing to see Noddy how she was.

The boy didn’t understand why all this was happening to Noddy.

He took Noddy and sat in the swing as she was trying to sleep in the pain the boy was thinking.

Is it the plant that curses him that he had to pay for his deeds or was it his mother?

Whichever it may be but the boy saw the power of the “CURSE” in action.


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