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I hate my crush boyfriend

Look I’m not exactly built for fighting I’m tall and thin mean I have a six-pack and some muscles but I’m not ready to fight so I have long legs short torso long arms caramel

My crush is shorter red hair freckles we were friends But not super close friends we went through 3 grades together and i would put weird hints in her locker that i liked her but to this day i dont think she knows its me the hints were like really hard cryptic messages i made up you can try to solve one ig

“I can be done with the hands the teeth or the mind

I can suck but u wouldn’t care”

Ik its cringey but hey thats how i worked through my problems ima nerd i love puzzles and stuff like that

Anyway my crush got a boyfriend “lael” was his name
Anyway i didnt give him much thought until he was dark skinned alot bigger than me but i didnt care she would get over him… But my crushes mood changed Like alot my mind went to abusive but she looked fine so it had to be verbal i didnt press i went to confront lael though…

He figured I liked her, so minus the details my lip was busted and my arm was hurt. Noone was in the hallways because it was lunch and i followed him to the bathroom but i tried to laugh it off and walk away

Next day i stole my crushes phone and put a note in his locker with a question mark… Thats it the next day i propped her phone against his locker from the inside so it would fall out before class was over since i was in the same class as my crush i told her i wanted to show her something and walked slowly passed his locker and when he opened it boom the phone fell out… luckily she didnt ask what i wanted to show her but if she did i still have the piece of gum i was gonna give her if she asked i knew lael assumed i did it so when i was talking to my friend i purposely made a loud statement saying i was going to the bathroom during lunch…

Only so he would follow me when it was lunch, When it was lunch i went to my crushes table and told her i have a surprise for her it was a present full of chocolates and i was going to tell her it was for another girl (Nameless) but she could have them

But before that i had a bigger surprise for her, so i told her id text her when to come when i was walking down the halls i saw lael behind be so i stopped pulled out my phone hit send because the text i had already prepared was up

Lael confronted me got in my face and said guess what i know it was you… I put my hand on his lockers opening (these lockers dont have codes) and waited before i saw my crush getting near and i whispered guess what

” I knew, you knew, i knew”

Thats when i pretended to fall over “accidentally” opening his locker making my crushes backpack with her gym clothes on top fall out of his locker while she was standing there Ive never felt more victorious in my life

He was suspended they’re most likely not together And boom so that happened 😎

I haven’t talked to her since she still didn’t get her surprise i haven’t ate it because i dont rly care enough…

And i still probably dont have the guts to ask her out


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